Obama Supports Job Training at NOVA

Earlier this month President Obama gave laid out a plan to help increase job training for manufacturing jobs in America. He believes that the economy will recover much quicker by increasing the education and training of American citizens and manufacturing new products with the help of technology and new innovations.

He told the story of a GM worker named Dave who started out in a car dealership as an apprentice and had a difficult time moving up. By attending college he was able learn new skills and prove himself as a technician. After graduation he continued to move up in the company and is now on track for a management position at the same dealership where he began his apprenticeship just a few years ago.

Dave said that his education was “the spark [he] needed to get [his] career started.”

Obama went on to talk about this spark, “Lighting a spark.  That’s what community colleges can do.  That’s what learning a new skill or training in a new field can do.  And that’s the reason that I’m here today.  We’ve got to light more sparks all across America, and that’s going to make a difference in the futures of individuals who are looking for a better life, but it’s also going to make a difference in America’s future.”

Obama stressed that not only is there a huge demand for jobs out there but at the same time there are many companies looking to fill jobs with skilled and qualified workers. He urged students to understand that the point of education was not to simply just get a certificate or diploma but to get an education that will help them to get a promotion, a raise, or a job.

He later went on to talk about how the future of America is dependent upon the training and education of American citizens so we’re able to beat out competition from other countries. Our country is dependent upon maintaining current infrastructures and manufacturing new products with the help of innovations in research and technology.

He ended by saying that the answer to our tough economic situation is to “stand up for what this country is capable of achieving, and to place our bets on entrepreneurs and workers and to get behind some of the great work that’s being done … in schools all across the country.”

If you’re interested in starting a new career or going back to college, there is no better time than now. Education is more available than ever before and you can even do your job training while working full-time if you chose to attend a college online. If you’d like to read the whole speech you can find it here.

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