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Technology is a vital component of many people’s everyday lives. Consider how many electronic devices we use on a daily basis and it’s staggering. We have technologies thatkeep us connected, some that we use for household activities, others that are solely used for transportation and many others that aren’t even mentioned. Because we are so wired in all the time, it seems like a natural progression that some people would choose to attend college online as well.

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Traditionally the term “online college” is met with skepticism and many questions. Because it has not been around as long as brick and mortar schools, there are some people who are wary of the idea. This is understandable, but avoidable, if you consider all of the following pieces.


Before enrolling in any online school, you’ll need to check the accreditation just as you would for a brick and mortar school. What is accreditation? Colleges and universities have a set of standards they must meet that is imposed to all other academic institutions in the state, region, or country. By ensuring the college meets these standards, you’re promising the student they are getting a quality education. The accreditation also plays into whether or not your degree from this school, online or not, will benefit you when you go to get a higher degree or go to get a job.


With online schooling, the student has the ability to work where and when they want. They can choose how fast or slow to complete the lessons and in what environment they feel most comfortable taking their tests. With this in mind, it is slightly more challenging to get the aid of a teacher or peer than it is in a brick and mortar school. With online courses, your professors aren’t directly in front of you and therefore it can be less simple to get in touch with them. With this in mind, many online schools now have online communities where many students can interact and form study groups.


Cost is another point of interest when it comes to which type of school is right for you. Online schools do not need to charge for the same facility costs as brick and mortar schools. Because they are located entirely through the World Wide Web, the do not need to charge for building upkeep, gym membership, or grounds maintenance. With this in mind, online schools do charge for shipping out courses – if they mail hard copy books.
There are many pros and cons to enrolling in online college or career school and only you will know what type of education fits best with your lifestyle. As long as you pay close attention to these three factors, you can go into your advanced learning courses knowing you made the right decision.

Allison Brenner is a copywriter for Ashworth College, which is a worldwide leader in comprehensive, nationally accredited online education. Ashworth College offers more than 115 flexible, affordable, career-relevant online programs.



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