Have you been Pinned Recently?

If you’ve been following Social Media trends within the last year, you probably know that the virtual bulletin board site Pinterest.com has quickly become one of the most popular social networking sites. Many people, including celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba, are flocking to this site and “pinning” each others pictures and videos because of the ability to organize and share ideas and thoughts, that might inspire, intrigue, or entice you from anywhere on the web, using visual “pinboards”.

Pinterest has become popular mostly with women, but is quickly becoming popular among men, who are pinning anything from cars and automotive to sports and craft projects. The most popular pin categories overall has been DIY and Crafts, Women’s Apparel, Travel and Places, and Home Decor. Another popular trend on Pinterest, is businesses and brands using it to sell and promote their products; which is a great way to see what is coming soon, whats already in stores, and what the trends are.

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VIDEO: Director of digital media at Moxley Carmichael, Gavin Baker,  shares with WBIR’s Emily Stroud about the recent rise of social media site, Pinterest.com.


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