A Day in the Life of a Travel Agent


This is a conversation that really happened between a travel agent and a caller.
Caller: “Hello, I need to book a flight to Monaco. “
Travel Agent: “Just a moment, sir….” [The travel agent paused for time, as she did not know of any flights to Monaco, because we work Morocco.]
Travel Agent: Sir, are you sure you have the right country? We only book to Morocco.”
Caller: “Yes, it’s Monaco. I have a business meeting there in three days. Like in the movie Casa Blanca .”
Travel Agent: “Do you mean Morocco?”
Caller: “I knew it was one of those. Yes, that’s the country.”

That’s what I do as your travel agent. I get you where you need to be. Anytime you must travel somewhere on business, I find you the flights, car rentals and accommodations for your stay. For your vacations, I do the same, but I also advise you on where to go and what to see when there. People have a limited time for vacations, so you need to go on the best ones.

In all cases, I learn what you want form the trip and the requirements it must meet. Then, I suggest an itinerary. Once we agree on the trip, I book the best deals for you. Here is what it looks like from my side, as a travel agent.

The Office

My typical day as a travel agent takes place entirely within a small office. I am surrounded by resources and phone numbers related to Morocco. There is a phone, with multiple lines, at least one computer and some trade-specific publications. These all are within an arm’s reach. I can plan a trip for a visitor from anywhere in the world, without leaving my desk.

The Questions

It used to be that I was only contacted by phone, but now people also email. No matter how someone contacts me, I can answer their questions. Typically, these relate to weather conditions, accommodations, travel books, required documents and exchange rates.

The Advice

Sure, people can find some of this information online. They come to me for advice. Google can tell you the current conditions in a city, but it cannot advise you on how to pack for those conditions. I’ll helps you decide what to bring and what to leave behind.

Most of the advice I provide is more significant than packing black or brown. When people are faced with two possible destinations, I help them decide which would be better. I also can tell them inside secrets, which are hard to find. I am familiar with the best guide books, but I also listen closely to my travelers. They provide valuable feedback on where to stay, where to eat and what to do.

I enjoy being a travel agent. Strictly speaking, my job is getting you where you need to be. When you need to be in Moroco in three days, call me. I will find the best flights, hotel and car rental deal, as well as the right city. But, my occupation extends beyond getting you somewhere. I like helping you have fun, wherever you go.

Zach Daniel writes for Morocco Tours, a travel company that provides private Morocco tours that allow people to fully experience Morocco.
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