How Evernote will Change your Life: For Students, Professionals, and Everyone Else

If you’re anything like me, then you take notes about everything. What did I do before I had a Smartphone or an iPad?

Well I used to carry around a notebook everywhere I went, and made sure there were notebooks at different places around my house just in case sudden inspiration hit me or I needed to write down something to remember.

Now that I have an iPad, and iPhone, I rely on the Free app Evernote. It has made my life so much easier. I can write notes, that will sync between all my Mac products (They do have a Version for Windows and Androids), take pictures, capture things from websites, set reminders, and categorize and classify all my different types of notes. One of my favorite features, is that you can search between all your notes, pictures, and journal entries for something.

Whether you are a Student, Working Professional, or Stay at Home Mom, Here are the best ways for you to use Evernote:

For Students:

EverNote Peek: Use to study, as flash cards, or for the darring to cheat on tests (Not Recommended)

JotNot: Makes it easy to take pictures of business cards, notes, drawings, you name it and add to Evernote as a note.

For Professionals:

Drop and Drag: Great feature for Professionals to drag and drop files from your computer into Evernote. Send any document, receipt, or invoice to EverNote.

For Everyone

Evernote Hello: I am horrible with remembering names, so this feature allows me to remember people by their pictures, and the handy tracker of what day i met them and where.

Skitch: Gives you the ability to draw, write, and create easily

To Master using Evernote, you can get Evernote for Dummies, or try some of their great Online Tutorials


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