Top 100 Coolest Resources for Artists and Art Students

Art student without a muse? Inspiration from the internet

Top 100 Artist Resources

Just as an author can suffer from writer’s block, artists sometimes run into brick walls that block the light from their creative vision. To break down those walls you need a metaphorical pickaxe or, perhaps, bulldozer. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 100 best artist resources on the web.


Often, knowing what other creative minds are currently working on or have created in the past can help an artist get a little inspiration to know what they can create. Here are some of the coolest art galleries the internet has to offer.

Art Project: powered by Google
Google’s Art Project is a unique online art experience, a collaboration between Google and 151 acclaimed art partners from across 40 countries. Users can explore the over 30,000 artworks from over 150 collections in 40 countries at brushstroke level detail, take virtual tours of museums and build their own collections to share.

DeviantART was created to entertain, inspire, and empower artists and is the largest online social network for artists and art enthusiasts. The site’s vibrant social network environment receives over 100,000 daily uploads of original artworks ranging from traditional media, such as painting and sculpture, to digital art, pixel art, films and anime.

Web Gallery of Art
This online database of artworks from every era in history can get your creative juices flowing. You can also view ten images selected at random from their online collection, if you’re really stumped for inspiration.

Motion Graphics Served
An online video gallery of animation, motion special effects, and video art. This website is an extension of the Behance network of artists.

Art-specific Google Searches = Instant Gallery
Do a search in Google Scholar, Google’s education-specific search tool. By checking the “Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities” box [email protected] on Twitter.


Not every artist’s tool has to be a brush or a pen. Check out these awesome online instruments for crafting your next sensational masterwork.

Color Wheel
This interactive color wheel is particularly helpful in graphic or web design but can be all-around useful if you’re struggling to know what color of rug best matches your couch or which eyeshadow contrasts just perfectly with your hazel-brown eyes.

Online Photo Editor
Pixlr offers a free basic Photoshop-like image editor that conveniently runs right in your browser. It’s not quite as advanced as the real deal but can achieve a fair photo-edit in a pinch.

If you need a program with capabilities similar to Illustrator or CorelDraw but have a zero-dollar budget, try this popular Open Source vector graphics editor.

Fonts holds an extensive collection of almost 15,000 free, downloadable fonts. You can choose any style from calligraphy to graffiti or even search through their collection of dingbats.

3D Modeling
Google offers a free application for digital 3D modeling.


Artist ResourcesCheck out some of these creativity-boosting extensions available for your Google Chrome browser. You can locate them by searching their names at the Chrome Web Store.

Web Developer Toolbar
Once a popular FireFox extension, now available for Chrome. Helps in editing CSS, HTML, forms, and images in any website.

Identify any pixel’s HTML color code and RGB levels on any website you view.

Speed Tracer
This extension works to figure out where bottlenecks in your web app speed and performance are so you can fix them and speed up user performance.

Very useful if you want to create a professional art or photography portfolio site from your images on Flickr.

deviantART muro
A powerful and easy application for Web-based drawing. Has layering capabilities, over 20 unique brushes, and brush pressure sensitivity if you’re using a Wacom or other drawing tablet.

Quotes on Design
Displays quotes on design from the Quotes on Design website, a collection of interesting, funny, and thought-provoking quotes.

Google+ Daily Fine Art Themes
New art themes for your browser that change from day-to-day.

Google+ Photography Daily Themes
New photography themes are updated on your browser daily.


Sometimes, all that built-up creative angst makes you want to sit back and relax with a nice big bowl of popcorn but, what to watch? An art documentary, naturally.

Top Documentary Films
A free online source for viewing documentaries about art and artists.

The Roland Collection of Films on Art
A collection of documentaries and instructional videos. Some cost a small fee but there are many free clips.

Art in the Twenty-First Century
PBS’s Art21 created a series of documentaries featuring modern-day artists.

These documentaries show a diverse array of art forms that explore the human expression.

Check out the extensive list of documentaries available for download.

View regularly-posted new documentaries made by Hulu users.


Get to know why you need to get connected with your potential patrons and other artists through the various social media outlets online.

Why Social Media?
“Artists and Digital: Why Social Media Is the New Gallery”

Social Media Tips
“Social Media for Artists”

Twitter Tips
“Tweetable Art: 10 Twitter Tips for Artists”

YouTube Tips
“The Artist’s Guide to YouTube”

Flickr Tips
“The Artist’s Guide to Flickr”

Pinterest Tips
“How Artists Can Harness the Power of Pinterest”

The Importance of Blogging
“Blogging for Artists”

Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool
“The Social Cycle”


Pop Art - Andy WarholNeed a read with added visual flair? These art blogs are a sure way to perk up your peepers.

The Drawn Blog
“The Drawn Blog is your daily source of inspiration for illustration, animation, cartooning, and comic art.“

Doodlers Anonymous
“This is a permanent home for spontaneous art. There’s a blog, interviews, themed-submissions and a lot of amusing thoughts on paper.”

The Best Part
“Daily commentary on all things art and design by Orlando artist, designer and blogger, Jason Dean.”

Art Fag City
“Art Fag City is New York-based art blog dedicated to providing exposure to emerging contemporary art and under-known artists. We believe that engaging in smart, critical debate helps us better define and shape the world we want, and that creative production of all forms is essential.”

“FFFFOUND! is a web service that not only allows the users to post and share their favorite images found on the web, but also dynamically recommends each user’s tastes and interests for an inspirational image-bookmarking experience!”

Making a Mark
“Artist and writer Katherine Tyrrell writes about art for artists and art lovers”

The Art Blog
“Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof founded the Zero .1% for Art Commission to bridge the gap between ordinary people and art. THEartblog, established in 2003, is an outgrowth of that mission.”

Art News Blog
“Art News Blog is a selection of visual art news, art reviews and art related stories online. We search the web for some of the more interesting art news stories published each day.”

Better Living Through Art
“Ruminations on art, life, politics, world events and anything else that comes to mind. May also contain traces of the following: animation, comics, industrial design, weird foreign films, punk/postpunk/industrial and experimental music, popular culture and economic/social critique.”


No matter kind of artist you are, you can generate a digital collection of your creations and post it on the world wide web for all to see.

Basically, LinkedIn for artists. Post your artwork and share it with the Behance community for an opportunity to be seen by thousands of people.

Offers creatives easy portfolio-creating tools on their fun, interactive site.

A community of artists founded by artists
This is an online portfolio service for both visual artists and clients looking for talent.

This is a great place to host your portfolio because there are no restrictions on file uploads.

Allows multiple image uploads and offers the ability to import from Flickr.
A London-based website that offers free art directory listings, free webspace, free email accounts and online portfolio creation as well as a fine art e-card site.

A great way to get your photography or other artwork out in the public eye.


You need something to read, why not make it boost inspiration-levels in your brain?

Artnet Magazine
artnet Magazine is the preeminent art magazine on the web and the only daily source of news in the art world.

Professional Artist
Previously published under the name Art Calendar, Professional Artist provides artists with business strategies to make a living with advice on marketing, art law, portfolio development, exhibition presentation, communication skills and sales techniques.

A web magazine for design and inspiration with a new thought posted every day, a new web issue published every week, and every other month a free PDF featuring interviews and artwork is published.

Art Daily
This publication is a resource for current information on the art world and features up-to-date stories covering a variety of art-related news and events across the world.

New York Arts Magazine
Updated daily and has archives of past daily newsletters that include 2,000 galleries, 10,800 shows, 40,000 artists, and 35,000 images.

Revolutionart International Magazine
This publication shows the best of graphic arts and videos, and comes in pdf format. The objective of Revolutionart is to “serve as an inspirational source to artists.”

A portal with sister sites for all things art. Offers articles, reviews, blogs and photo galleries.


Twitter Art


Tweets to trigger a variety of creative visions.

“The Art World Online”

Museum of Modern Art
“Victor Samra at the easel. Please send us questions or comments.”

Guggenheim Museum
“Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece home to a world-renowned collection of modern & contemporary art. Tweets by JiaJia Fei.”

New York Times Arts
“Arts and entertainment news from The New York Times.”

Top Art Tweets
“Top Art Tweets algorithmically selects and retweets some of the most interesting tweets around art and design.”

“Behance empowers creative people and teams to make ideas happen, via the Behance Network, The 99%, and Action Method.”

American Artist Mag
“The American Artist family of titles includes American Artist, Watercolor, and Drawing.”

“Love art? Want art? Need art? I Tweet about it and hope to inspire creativity in you! LOA, Law of Attraction and Gratitude shared here.”

Artists Space
“Artists Space is a lively place for discussion and critical examination, lending support to emerging ideas and emerging artists alike.”

Print magazine
“Dedicated to graphic design, technology, culture, and how it all fits together.”

“The official Twitter page of Disney-Pixar.”

“The world’s handmade marketplace.”


Connect with the world’s largest social community to inspire your artistic innovations.

MoMA The Museum of Modern Art
Stay updated with the world’s most-loved contemporary art museum.

“Working to build new lasting opportunities for emerging talent.”

Street Art Utopia
From graffiti to public art installations, check out the most brilliant street art and post any you find or create.

A page for people who love drawing and want to post or just browse.

DreamWorks Animation
Like this page to hear about movie updates and relive your favorite movie memories.

Adobe Photoshop
“Like” to get the latest from the leader in photo editing software.
Provides tips, tricks, and information on every facet of video editing software, equipment, and accessories.

To find and share good design and beautiful things with other creative facebook users.

Art Gallery
View a variety of artworks and feel free to share your own.

3D Art
Get info on the world of 3D by visiting this page.

Best Artist Resources


Unravel the mysteries of pigment. You know, that little thing that makes up the entirety of our visual perception.

Color Mixing and Goethe’s Triangle
Color Theory Space’s More Than One Color Wheel

Additive Color

Subtractive Color

The CMYK Color Model

How to Convert RGB to CMYK in Photoshop

Online CMYK Converter

Online Color Challenge: How well do you see color? Test your color IQ.

HTML Color Codes


Now that you know how to create your masterpiece, find someone to buy it.

Laws and regulations for selling art online.

Sell your art online with one of the leading sites for arts and crafts.

Advertise with Google’s advertising program if you already have a website where you sell your work, and need a way of targeting people looking to buy art.

Sell your art on the world’s largest online auction site. To get an idea of what kind of art does well on ebay, follow @ebayart on Twitter.

Sell your art with one of the world’s largest web retailers.

Craigslist is essentially the world’s largest source for classified ads online and can be used to sell practically anything. Art is no exception.

Submit your designs and get paid when people buy tees and merchandise with your artwork on it.
Another great site for designing shirts and other screen printed merchandise.
Upload your art and they will print, frame and ship it when a customer makes an order.

Fine Art America
Another website where you upload and sell prints of your artwork.
Create a portfolio on this site and your artwork be discovered by art buyers.
Only allows a 14 day free trial to create an art gallery and sell your work.
A company that offers ready-made art websites with built-in Paypal shopping carts for purchases.

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