Anatomy of Teaching as a Profession

The student/teacher relationship is a great perk of being a teacher. Photo: Hammersmith and Fulham

Have you ever thought of asking a high school student what they will choose as a career when they grow up? Most of them will reply, ‘a doctor’, ‘an engineer’, ‘a pilot’ or some will even say ‘a lawyer’. But a few will say ‘a teacher’. Ever wondered why?

In recent world, the profession of a teacher is quite underestimated. Teaching as a profession can be so many things. At times it can be exciting, intriguing, challenging and fun. But it sometimes can be boring, dull, demoralizing and stressful also. The main reason why teaching is mostly underestimated and disrespected is the role played by a few teachers already in this profession who are not fully aware of the responsibilities and duties attached to the profession of being a teacher. Or in short they are not true to their profession, though teaching is one of those professions where one has to be very loyal and truthful as it is connected to the future and upbringing of the new generation.

Teaching as a profession is not taken seriously as there is a stigma attached to it of not being compensated as it ought to be. It is thought that other professions are more income generators than teaching. This is a complete misunderstanding for those living in a highly developed country where a teacher’s income is more than of a doctor or an engineer. It can be virtually right for people located in the underdeveloped or developing countries where teachers are not fully compensated for their services which leads to the negligence of professionalism.

Teaching is one of the most difficult professions of the present times. One even after getting back home has a lot on mind and to do. Like lessons to plan, homework to check, papers to mark and etc. That is why it is considered one of the very intense professions of all time. Teachers are responsible for bringing the best into the students and polishing the skills and personalities of their students. This requires them to be multi-talented and also multi-faceted. They have to deal with so many kinds of students at one time and have to make sure not to leave anyone behind.

Students hesitate to take it as a profession because they have been watching their teachers for 12 years or more living a life which is not very attractive and is mostly dull and hectic in many cases. A teacher is a role model for a student. Teachers should carry themselves well and graceful enough to inspire the students and be respected by them.

Teaching as a profession is very unique and profound in itself. A teacher is a manager of not only oneself but a bunch of other people too or in some cases it can lead to hundreds. A teacher is responsible for grooming students into better persons and human beings. A good teacher has to be a researcher, practitioner, manager and analyser. There are challenges ready to be faced and accomplished by a teacher in every upcoming day ahead. They have a huge responsibility on their shoulders regarding the social and economic conditions of a society. This makes them key contributors towards the development of a healthy society.

Teachers have a great importance in everybody’s life, therefore it makes teaching also very noble and important for us. To choose teaching as a profession for oneself is a thing of responsibility and also means of serving humanity in nice and easy way. It should be given respect and never be underestimated.


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