Information Systems: The New “Accounting” Degree

In the past, choosing a college degree that would ensure job security usually drove students to accounting majors. This was a major that would indefinitely lead to opportunity and security. The job possibilities were high and promising. While there are still many pursuing a degree in accounting, vying after a job at a tax and accounting firm its long held reputation as the most reliable career is no longer a sole proprietorship. Information Technology is now another major that screams opportunity. Technology is advancing rapidly and jobs are increasing.

Choosing Information Technology as your major is a move that promises careers and opportunity. Technology is increasing in our world and choosing a major that provides you with skills to enter the technological world will guarantee career prospects. The following is a taste of the outlook of careers in Information Technology.

What degree should I get?

To work in the informational technology world, it isn’t uncommon to have a number of different degrees. Most commonly known is a Bachelors in Computer Science. But, with the industry regularly evolving educational offerings are as well. You can know pursue degrees in both Digital Media, Computer Science, Information Systems and more to get into good standing for a qualified position.

Similar to Accounting the pursuit of a Masters in the field is also very common. Many companies prefer even more education for management positions. Pursuing your masters of management information Systems is a great way to achieve this.

What types of jobs are available in this field?

With growing usage of information systems in business, it is projected that jobs in this field will increase in the next decade. With a degree in this area there are many jobs you will be qualified for. You are qualified for jobs ranging from a software developer to Sr. Software Engineer. Also in the IT department are the positions of IT Project Manager, Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Program Analyst. Many businesses have an IT department where these jobs are available.

Are job opportunities growing?

Over the next ten years jobs in this field are anticipated to grow 18%. As technology increases, companies will be forced to upgrade their technology, which will create job opportunities. Also, technology is moving in a mobile direction. This creates jobs in social media areas and in creation of mobile applications. Having an online presence is huge for companies in today’s world and those with information technology specialization will be needed to get them there.

What will I get paid?

Bellevue University has put together a visual guide to some of the most common jobs and their salary performance in the information systems management industry:


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