5 Ways to Survive Returning to Work After Vacation

A Simple Vacation

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Vacations are great, but they usually have to end at some point! How do we cope with those post-vacation blues when we return? Here are a few tips:

1. Make The Most Of Your Vacation

Before you even return, make sure you make the most of your vacation time while you have it. Try to completelyswitch off from work and make sure you do something enjoyable and rejuvenating, whether that is at home or away. If you find it hard to switch off, it is worth looking at why that is and finding a way to get more of a balance in your life.

2. Ease Your Way In

How can you make your first week back at work easier? Can you arrange for the first day back to be a catch up day, where you get a chance to find your feet again? Of course, this isn’t always possible but there is usually something you can do to make your re-entry to work easier. 

3. Plan Your Next Break

Having something exciting to look forward to can be motivating and help things seem more manageable. If you are feeling blue at being back at work, you could at least get the next vacation dates set up. You could even get planning for your next one! 

4. Reassess

Vacations are a great time to reassess your life as well as relax and unwind. When we haven’t got the usual demands on our time and energy we can take a step back and see things more clearly. Maybe you realised that you need to take better care of your health or say no at work more?  Make sure you do something with these realisations after the vacation. Write down your goals and intentions in the areas you want to work on and set about making them happen. This will mean that your vacations are about making your life better, as well as unwinding and recharging.

5. Make Changes

Returning to work after a vacation is hard for most people, however much they love their job. However, if going back to work is complete torture, it might be an indication that its time for a change. What don’t you like about your job? What can be changed about it? Could the change be made within your job or maybe its time for a new challenge? Either way, there is usually something that can be done to make a positive change.

THis Article was Written by Jen Smith and Originally Feautured on Jobacle

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