Making Money in College

College students don’t have a lot of time to spare, what with classes, tests, homework, and the all-important toga parties on campus. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for a job, no matter how much they need money to do stuff throughout the day. If you are struggling to find a job that works around your messy schedule, you might want to explore the wonders of the World Wide Web. Here are X ways to make money online in less than 10 minutes.

Take Surveys

You could take some simple surveys online and get paid for your opinions. Most places will do this because they want your information, not necessarily your survey. In other words, they will sell your name and email address to another organization that is trying to gather leads online. You can use a secondary email address to avoid getting spammed by these people, and you’ll still get the money you want. No complaints there, right?

Write Product Reviews

You could post a product review on a site like Ukritic, and then you could put an affiliate link in from Amazon, CafePress, or any other site you like. An affiliate link is just a link that has a tracking number associated with it. Every time someone clicks on said link, the information is recorded for your account. If the person buys a product as a result of your link, you get paid. All you have to do is write an honest review and watch it grow.

Do Mechanical Turks

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk┬áis a site where you can go to pick up really quick assignments to do for low amounts of money. You might write a quick review about your school for $5.00 or send a test fax to someone for $3.50. It just depends on what’s available. Some people actually make a full time living using MTurk, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. This could be easy money for you.

Promote Blogs

Some blogs will offer people money to promote their sites on Facebook, Twitter, and other blogs. If you have a blog or social network account, you could literally get paid to put a link for someone else’s site on your account. This sounds crazy, but those blogs get popular because of links like this. If you don’t mind helping other people grow as well, you could get some decent money for no work at all. Check the writing jobs section of Craigslist to find opportunities like this in your area. If there’s nothing there, look it up in different cities and see what you find.

Use the ideas above to make money online while you’re in college, and you’ll be able to maintain all aspects of your life at once.

About the Author: Heaven Stubblefield is a former college student that started working as a freelance writer what she was in school. She now works online full time and encourages other 20-somethings to do the same.

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