6 Safety Tips for College Students

Welcome to college life! Where the parents are gone, the parties are crazy, and a good time is had by all. Often, college students get stuck in the mentality that they are invincible. While many may argue college is not the time to be one that is a “stickler” for the rules, it is a time to learn about responsibility. For most students, going to college is the first time that they are going to live on their own. Parents are not there to hold their hands, and for many students it’s a time to learn skills that they are going to use for the rest of their lives. Many college students stock up when it comes to buying stuff for college, but what about keeping your dorm room safe?

  1. Common Sense. This may be one of the most obvious things when it comes to college safety, but alas, as students get freedom, common sense goes out the window. Think about what your parents would think about where you keep your valuables. If you don’t think that your dad would leave his dorm room wide open with his laptop on his bed, you probably shouldn’t keep your laptop there.
  2. Entry Way is Secure. You want to make sure that entry to your dorm room is always secured. You never want someone unwelcome, especially if you are trying to keep your valuables safe.
  3. Never Make Copies of Your Keys. While at most schools, making a copy of a key to your dorm is a no-no, you might think it’s a good idea to make copies that you can hand out to your friends. Refrain from the temptation. Especially if you are really good friends with your roommate, it might seem lik
  4. Always Lock Your Doors. Even though you might see everyone keep their doors unlocked?don’t follow the crowd! It might be more convenient to always leave your doors open, but thieves will take notice of your habits, and they’ll take advantage of your carelessness.
  5. Keep Your Schedule to Yourself. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tell your study partners when you will be free, but be sure not to broadcast where you will be at all times. Clever thieves will listen in on you blabbing about how you are going to be at an awesome concert all weekend with your friends and your dorm will be all lonely.
  6. Keep Your Valuables in a Safe. While you might be thinking, “there’s no way I’m lugging a safe to college”, hear me out. Instead of actually taking a safe with you, turn your unused suitcase into a safe. Get a combination lock, store your suitcase out of the way, and no one will ever know about your safe?except for you!

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, don’t think that college is a place where all your stuff will get stolen, you just have to keep yourself alert, and don’t leave your common sense at freshman orientation?you’ll need it.

Tara C. is a writer for Keylessbox.com. If keeping your stuff safe in college (or anywhere you might be) is a priority for you, visit this site to help you keep your things safe and secure.

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