Areas of Study

Whether you are interested in the legal world and criminal justice or human services and beauty, there is an area of study for you. Programs range from aviation science and radiology to graphic design and accounting.

The art and design field offers programs like painting, film and graphic arts. If you dream of working in a hospital, check out the health care field with programs like nursing, public health and radiology. There are lots of opportunities to work as a therapist, in several different specialized departments, and the human services field has many excellent programs for just that, and other areas.

Making people feel great about the way they look is a great profession and a cosmetology, esthetics or personal training program in either the beauty or massage and spa field will get you there. If your passion is in the kitchen, explore the culinary arts field and get started with a baking and pastry arts or culinary management program.

The information technology and business fields are full to the brim with programs like accounting, advertising, programming and web development.

If you want to try your skills out in a courtroom or protecting American citizens on the streets, the legal or criminal justice field might be the place for you. You can start a paralegal, legal technology, law enforcement or forensic science program to get started right away.

If you want to be a fire fighter, aviation scientist or a teacher, look into the trade skills and education fields.

No matter your interest or level of experience, you are bound to find a place in one of these programs.

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