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Art & Design

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A vast and varied subject area, art and design appeals to many people. If your passion is in art, you may enjoy an art education program where you will learn to teach art in schools or at museums. There are plenty of programs in the performing arts such as acting, theater, and music where you will have the chance to learn things like speech, movement, lighting, and singing, to name a few.

If you are into the classic subjects of fine arts painting, photography or writing you can start classes in a program to sharpen your skills and learn to make a living doing what you love. If you are more of a techie, programs like graphic art and design, computer animation and design, computer drafting, digital arts and design, industrial design, media arts, web design and multimedia, and interactive media will give you the opportunity to combine your artistic abilities with your technology skills to create everything from Web sites to product design and printed collateral.

Be That Person

Have you ever wanted to be the person who creates the eye-catching footage you see on television? Programs like animation, film and video and recording will let you do just that. If you want to work in television, either in front of or behind the camera, a broadcasting program will prepare you for a career in announcing, sportscasting, reporting or production, just to scratch the surface.

Want to put your eye for design to good use and make a living with it? Try an architecturea, architectural computer aided design, commercial art or advertising and design. These programs will help refine your artistic skills to design and plan the building of commercial structures and homes or creating labels and advertisements seen everyday by millions of people.

Consider Fashion

Have a knack for design? Consider a fashion design, fashion marketing or fashion merchandising program or even a floral design or interior design program to launch your fulfilling creative career.

The art and design world has a few unique fields like jewelry design, game art development for video games and even yacht and marine design. So, if are artistically minded and want to show the world what you can do, get started in one of these programs!

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