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Business Executives

Business programs come in a huge variety of specialties. If you have a knack for making things work, raising money or managing, business may be the field for you.

Programs like accounting, auditing, finance, financial planning, economics, account and payroll administration or e-commerce will help you hone your money skills and prepare you to help a business in their financial matters. If you are good with people and enjoy being the right-hand man, consider a program like executive assistant, clerical, office clerical, bookkeeping, information security, human resources or customer support: all lead to jobs in positions that are important to the well-being of any organization.

Be in Charge

If, on the other hand, you like to be the one in charge, calling all the shots, you are probably a good candidate for the administration program, the organizational leadership program or one of several management programs: business administration and management, office administration and management, call center management, communications management, operations management, small business management, sports management, supply chain management, technology management, hospitality management, information technology management, or retail management.

Learn Business Strategy

Business strategy and expertise in how to run things smoothly and effectively are extremely vital parts to any business. You can jump into the field by starting a Six Sigma, international business or MBA program. If you like strategizing, constructing messages and getting them to the public, you may want to explore an advertising, sales, radio and television, internet marketing or public relations program.

The business field also offers some unique programs like travel and tourism, where you will get to help people plan the perfect vacation and wedding planning, where you will make someone’s big day perfect.

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