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Criminal Justice

criminal justice

Do you love reading mystery novels? Have you seen every episode of CSI and 24 at least once? If you answered yes to any of those questions, criminal justice is right up your alley.

In investigation, forensic science or computer forensics programs, you will learn to research and analyze information and evidence, interview witnesses and use digital evidence to solve crimes. A court reporting program will teach you how to transcribe court proceedings and prepare the transcriptions for use by judges and lawyers. Another unique job a court reporting program can lead to is providing real-time closed captioning for television stations.

Fight Crime Outside the Courtroom

If you would rather work outside the courtroom to bring justice to criminals consider a corrections program which will prepare you to work in a prison or as a parole officer, or a criminal justice studies program, which will prepare you to become a police officer or investigator. If you are interested in preventing terrorist attacks and making the U.S. a safer place, you might want to explore a homeland security or law enforcement program.

Fight Crime Inside the Courtroom

Believe it or not, bringing justice to criminals is primarily accomplished in the courtroom. Furthermore, while lawyers and judges get the spotlight in this arena, there are multiple careers that help lawyers and judges get the job done. Court clerks are mostly in charge of the administrative and clerical work of the city, county, state and federal court systems. And let’s not forget about a Bailiff. These law enforcement officers hold and enforce order in the courtroom, as well as maintaining the general security of the individuals involved. Paralegals also serve an integral role in the courtroom, and lawyers would be dead in the water without them. They carry out the bulk of the grunt work, such as investigating / verifying facts, interviewing clients and witnesses, researching legal matters, draft pleadings and much more.

The best part about these support careers, is that many of the educational work can be done online and take about 1-2 years to become certified. There has never been a better time to get your education in a criminal justice related field – the educational options are vast. For example. according to, there are over 50 online schools across the country that educate, train and certify future paralegals. And this number continues to grow!

If you are looking for a paralegal or legal nurse consultant program, visit our Legal Area of Study for more information.

Whatever your interest in the criminal justice world is, one of these programs has what you are looking for. What are you waiting for? Start today!

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