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The health care industry is teeming with career opportunities for you to help people on a daily basis. The field is vast and always in high demand because there is never any lack of people who need medical attention.

Programs like nursing, nursing RN-BSN, chiropractor, orthopedics, pharmacy technician, phlebotomy (drawing blood), public health and EMT training will land you right in the heart of the medical profession working in a physicians office, hospital or other community organization. Assisting programs like certified nursing assistant, medical assistant, medical office assistant, physician assistant, dental assisting and dental hygienist are also a great way to dive into the medical field. If you would rather be at the top of the chain making decisions, try out a health care administration or health unit coordinator program.

Become a Healthcare Specialist

Since health issues vary widely, you, as a future health care professional, can study one of several different specific areas. If you are health conscious and want to help people create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, look into an exercise specialist, kinesiology (the study of the body and movement) or nutrition program.

Taking images of the body and analyzing them is a huge part of diagnosing health problems. If this sounds like it might be up your alley, you are probably a good candidate for a radiology, radiology technician or sonography program. A dialysis technician, medical laboratory technician or patient care technician program will give you the know-how to assist patients in their visit to the physician’s office or hospital.

Everyone knows the heart is what keeps us going. However, not many people know it often take a whole team of people to keep this vital organ in good working condition. A cardiology technician, cardiovascular technology or echocardiographer program will teach you what it takes to be one of these specialized medical professionals.

Consider Chemistry

If research is your thing, consider a biochemistry or biomedical informatics program where you will study biology as it relates to the medical field. These days, many people opt for alternative health care treatments. An alternative medicine, herbal studies or iridology program will train you in these fields. If you are interested in learning about how the brain works and how it affects our health, you should explore a psychology, psychopharmacology or sports and exercise psychology program.

If you have a desire to help people regain mobility after an accident or illness or learn to cope with a disability, the therapy field is abundant with opportunities. A gerontology program will train you in how to assist the elderly and an occupational therapy program will prepare you to help people with mental or physical disabilities be successful in the work force. Physical therapy, respiratory care and therapy, addictions counselor and conflict resolution programs are all excellent options as well. One unique program that will prepare you to work from home is a medical transcription program. People in this program learn to listen to medical recordings and transcribe them into helpful records.

But, the whole health care field is not all about directly helping patients with their medical problems. A behind-the-scenes team of people are needed to help patients pay their bills. Programs like health insurance specialist, insurance billing and coding and health care reimbursement will train you in the necessary skills to help patients with their insurance policies.

A yoga instructor can lead, motivate, and inspire students to enjoy improved relaxation, flexibility, health and wellness. In a related industry, personal trainers educate clients about nutrition and exercise and lead them in exercise programs that create a healthy lifestyle.


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