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AIDS Care Nurse

AIDS Care Nurse

An AIDS care nurse has a very difficult job where they deal with sickness and death every day. These nurses must not only have the title of a registered nurse, but they must also have experience or additional training in the specific disease as well as experience in terminal illnesses, comfort care and hospice. The AIDS care nurse may work in a variety of locations, including long term care facilities, home health agencies and larger hospitals that offer units designed for only AIDS patients. In order to be successful in this type of job, you must not only have the required education, but the compassion needed to help the patients as well as the ability to leave your work at work.

AIDS Care Nurse

There are numerous personality traits required to be a successful AIDS care nurse. For example, you must be able to care for the patients, while leaving those feelings at work when you go home. If you worry and are upset about your patients at home, it will stress you out to the point where you will suffer burn out in no time, resulting in not only poor performance on the job, but personal problems at home as well. In addition, you must not judge the patients, many people judge AIDS patients with the assumption that they knew they were exposing themselves to this disease, although this is not the case and all the patients deserve the same level of care as those who are dying from other terminal illnesses such as cancer. You will need to be caring, yet harsh, as you show the patients compassion although not care to much to let it bother you personally.

Required Degree

In order to be qualified as an AIDS nurse, you must first go back to college to earn either your Associates or Bachelors degree in nursing which, upon graduation, will earn you the title of registered nurse. With the registered nurse designation, you will be qualified for most of the nursing jobs available in the nursing field, including the AIDS nurse position. Once you have earned about two years experience in the HIV/AIDS field of nursing, you may participate in a pre-certification examination, which, once passed, will qualify you to go through the AIDS care nurse certification program and examination which will gain you the title of accredited AIDS/HIV care nurse, giving you more career opportunities as well as a higher salary potential.

When working as an AIDS/HIV care nurse, you may work at a variety of places, including long-term care centers and select hospitals who provide a specific AIDS wing or unit, although the most common place for this type of nurse is in the home health care field. These nurses have a very difficult job of caring for patients who are terminally ill and simply waiting to die. While some of the AIDS patients are admitted to various hospitals, many prefer to remain at home during the final stages of the disease. Most of the AIDS care nurses works in the home health venue, allowing the patient to remain at home while receiving the same quality of care as they would at a hospital.

If you want to become an AIDS care nurse, you will have to get your education first. Find the right online college for you.

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