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Ambulatory Care Nurse

Ambulatory Care Nurse

The ambulatory care nurse deals specifically with patients who have chronic pain and severe injuries who wish to return to their homes to live an independent lifestyle. The ambulatory care nurse has many jobs, including jobs in a healthcare facility setting or home health care. Both of these jobs have the same type of duties, although the hospital setting nurse has the goal of getting the patient home, while the home health nurse will be focused on keeping the patient at home. Education required to become an ambulatory care nurse include a Bachelors of Science in nursing, which can be completed online in under four years when you go through one of the top online universities offering distance learning to their nursing students. After you have completed your online Bachelors degree, you may choose to go through additional continuing education courses to become certified in ambulatory nursing.

Facility Ambulatory Nurses

The ambulatory care nurse in a healthcare facility will generally work in the telemetry unit, where the patients are candidates for returning to their home, although they need a bit more care for their chronic illness or pain. These conditions may include dementia, cancer or COPD, while the injuries seen can range from broken bones to total hip replacement surgery. The nurse in the ambulatory field will help the patient determine what type of pain management works for them, without overdosing them on too many pain medications. These pain management techniques may involve a combination of medication and physical therapy or simply herbal remedies. In addition, the ambulatory nurses in this setting will also ensure the patient is ready to return home both mentally and physically and will report any findings to the doctor. The ambulatory care nurse in this setting can generally see a salary of around $40 per hour, depending on experience, certification and the specific facility.

Home-Health Ambulatory Care Nurses

The ambulatory care nurse in the home health care field has the ultimate goal of keeping the patient at home, living an independent lifestyle, even with their chronic illness. The home health nurse in the ambulatory field will go to the patients home as prescribed by the doctor and assist them with various aspects of daily living that they are not quite well enough to handle such as bathing and physical therapy exercises. In addition, any medications that the patient may be required to take will be given by the ambulatory nurse. The nurse will also consult with the family to determine how the patient is coping with being at home and how the patient is getting around, whether they need a wheelchair, walker or are not trying at all. The home health care ambulatory nurse has a job that can be very rewarding, not only is the hourly pay about the same as those in the hospital setting, you will also usually be reimbursed for fuel and other vehicular costs associated with driving for work if a corporate car is not available. In addition to the monetary salary however; this is also a very personally rewarding career, knowing that if it was not for you, the patient would not be able to return to their home, where many people heal faster, instead, they would be stuck in the hospital facility where healing can be compromised.

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