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Army Nursing

Army Nursing

Nursing is a profession that requires immense compassion and a love of people. Nowhere is skilled nursing needed more than in the military. With the advances in military weaponry, army nurses are facing enormous challenges dealing with injuries that would have killed soldiers as little as twenty or thirty years ago. Army nurses are trained to take patient care to a higher level than civilian nurses. Unlike other areas of nursing, army nursing requires more than a great bedside manner; the army needs nurses that can work well under extreme stress dealing with the severely wounded. For those nurses who work on or near the battlefield, they have to work their magic in extremely dangerous circumstances. This one of the top careers for those who enjoy the adrenaline rush of working in extreme situations and who want to help those who are the most in need. Army nursing is one of the best careers for people who love a challenge and who care about the well being of the men and women who are offering the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Nurses that agree to active duty in the military for a few years can choose to work anywhere. The army has bases all over the United States and in many countries around the world. The military is liberal about allowing transfers and granting promotions to qualified staff. Mobility is one of the perks of army nursing and it gives cadets a chance to see the world for free.

Army Nurse Training

Army nursing training is considered some of best medical training in the world. The military has the financial resources to ensure their nursing staff is kept up to date on the latest techniques in nursing and patient safety. Army nurses must also go through military training and understand army protocol. An active duty nurse that graduates from a four-year college program is immediately assigned as an officer, which gains them the respect of their peers. The army feels that their medical staff has more empathy for the soldiers under their care because they also get basic military training and understand the special needs of soldiers. An army nurse is one of the best people to have at your side in an emergency as they are trained for every possible disaster.

Army Nursing

One of the benefits of training for nursing through the army is the exclusive mentoring from experienced medical professionals that army nurses get during their career training. There are mandatory intern programs for a few weeks during the summer that the army requires their nursing students to attend. This special training puts nurse cadets right in the thick of medical situations for real world nurse training that civilian nurses don’t have access to in their education.

Army nursing opens many doors to top online colleges with the best nursing programs. Many colleges allow the army to maintain ROTC programs on their campuses. The military also offers many grants, scholarships and low cost loans that offer the military nursing student access to an education they might not be able to afford as a civilian.

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