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Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse

Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse

The cardiac rehabilitation nurse generally works in the cardiac care unit of healthcare facilities as well as in the private practice office of cardiologists. They have various duties that range from prevention and education to care of patients recovering from various cardiac procedures. The educational requirements for this position involves a two-step process of both a college degree and certification which will promote you to the title of cardiac rehabilitation nurse, giving you additional career opportunities as well as one of the top salaries found in the nursing profession. With the cardiac rehabilitation certification, you can expect your hourly wage to be around $40 per hour, plus any overtime you earn when working more than your typical 40 hours in one week.

Education to become a Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse

The education required to become a cardiac rehabilitation nurse is roughly the same as any other specialty, however; since this is such a delicate specialty, requiring the nurse to be extremely knowledgeable in the field, a simple Associates degree is generally insufficient, instead, most employers will require the cardiac rehabilitation nurses to have earned their four year Bachelors of Science in nursing. This degree program may be completed in less than four years if you prove yourself to be a dedicated student at the top online university where you attend your courses over the internet using the distance learning feature. Through the online Bachelors degree program, you will also be required to participate in various clinical trainings that will be completed at a healthcare facility in your area. Once you have completed the educational requirements, you may begin working in the cardiac care unit of a hospital or in the office of a cardiologist to boost your experience and then you will go back to college to take the certification exam which will give you the specialty in cardiac rehabilitation.

Job Duties

The typical job duties for the cardiac nurse will generally be centered on the rehabilitation process after various cardiac procedures including stints, open heart surgery and heart transplants. It is the job of the cardiac nurse to ensure the necessary exercises are being completed when they should be and also that the patient is not participating in any exercise that may prolong their recovery. For instance, when a person goes in for any cardiac surgery, they are not allowed to push themselves up with their arms, as this could prolong recovery, instead, they are to hold onto a pillow and generally have a nurse’s aide or the nurse help to lift them up to a standing position. The other aspect of the cardiac rehabilitation nurse’s job is to help prevent heart conditions from happening in the first place. This may involve helping families put together meal planners that contain heart healthy foods, providing awareness for exercises that promote cardiac health and general education to anyone who may be at risk for a future heart condition. In addition, the nurse may also recommend various services such as dietitians. In addition, the cardiac nurse will also provide various testing including EKG, to both patients that have had problems as well as those who have no prior heart conditions in their medical history.

If you want to become a cardiac rehabilitation nurse, find the right online college for you. The future is yours to take.

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