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Certified Managed Care Nurse

Certified Managed Care Nurse

A certified managed care nurse can work in a variety of functions, including at a healthcare facility or at a medical insurance company. Their main duty through their job is to ensure the patient’s being seen receive the most cost-effective care possible. This position is designated for experienced nurses who have earned not only their degree in nursing, but have also completed work experience as well as continuing education courses. These requirements will not only qualify you to be a certified managed care nurse, but a successful one as well.

Certified Managed Care Nurse

There are various types of education you can earn to become a certified managed care nurse including the two year Associates degree or the four year Bachelors degree program. The most important aspect when going back to college is to find one of the top online universities where you can enjoy a top notch education while going through your courses via distance learning instead of a traditional college. While both of these degree programs will give you the title of Registered Nurse after you have passed all your state exams, the Bachelors degree will give you more experience in the field as well as qualify you for more employment and certification opportunities. After you have earned about two to three years of full-time employment as a nurse, then you may go through one of the many continuing education courses to prepare you for your certification examination as required by your state. The time it takes to complete the course will depend on the school as well as how long you wish to study before you take the exam. After you have passed the certification examination, you are a certified managed care nurse.

Job Description

The job description for the managed care nurse revolves mainly around cost-effectiveness as well as patient care. This is where your prior experience in patient care comes in, you will need to balance what is right for the patient as well as what is the most cost-effective for your company, whether that is the hospital or an insurance company. For instance, a doctor may suggest surgery for a patient’s injury although physical therapy could work as a less expensive treatment option. It is up to the certified managed nurse to determine if the physical therapy option will be in the best interest of all involved. This feature of the job is sometimes a gamble, since sometimes when the less expensive treatment is used first, if it does not fully treat the patient, the more expensive option is sometimes required, costing the insurance company more money in the long run. The typical salary for the certified managed care nurse is generally in the $60,000 per year range, although in this position, overtime pay is generally not offered. In addition to the monetary salary, most employers offer benefits that may include various types of insurance, or at least discounts on insurance policies you hold with the insurance company you work for, as well as paid time off and retirement plans. In addition, when working for the insurance company, you may enjoy the benefit of working 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday with very little or no late nights or weekends and all federal holidays off with pay.

If you want to become a certified managed care nurse, you will need to get an education. Find an online college to attend. You will be glad that you did.

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