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Certified Nurse Assistant

Certified Nurse Assistant

A certified nurse assistant is another variation of a nurse. Each nurse position title has varying degrees of required education and roles and responsibility. The certified nurse assistant job description will reflect as such. It is an excellent way for nurses to gain practical and hands-on experience while they continue their education.

Certified Nurse Assistant Job Description

A certified nurse assistant job description may vary slightly from employer to employer; however, the basic roles and responsibilities remain rather consistent throughout the country. As will all nursing positions, the overall job priority is patient care. You will be responsible for ensuring your patient is as comfortable, and at ease, as possible. You may be responsible for minding to a patient’s hygiene routine such as bathing them or grooming them. You may be responsible for feeding the patient. You may assist nurses with their day-to-day activities such as monitoring and working with various types of machines. You may also be responsible for monitoring a patient’s vital signs. You will provide assistance to nurses in a variety of capacities throughout the day.

It is not always what is posted in a certified nurse assistant position, but rather what is not which is equally as important. Employers always seek a particular type of person to join their teams. Some characteristics are skills which can be learned, while others are simply a part of a person’s personality. You should possess incredible patience, empathy, and communication skills. You will be the patient’s support system, as well as provide crucial social interaction to boost their spirits during long stays or repeat visits. You will be required to work in a highly stressful and intense environment now and again. If you do not react well under pressure, put yourself in such situations and practice. Ask a hospital to observe surgeries or job shadow in an emergency room. This will help you understand whether or not you can learn this skill. You will also be required to keep a positive attitude. This is a trait not typically learned. Most people either possess, or do not possess, a pleasant disposition. Caring for a patient is more than medical procedures. Most employers are looking for these types of individuals.

Educational and Certification Requirements

A CNA does have a few educational requirements. You will be required to have completed high school or its equivalent. You will also be required to complete a CNA certification program. Many top online universities offer such certification programs online. These online courses and online programs are highly flexible and more affordable than their traditional bricks and mortar counterparts. You can keep your current job while completing the online certification process. It is a beneficial solution for everyone.

A certified nurse assistant is a great career or an even better way to gain practical nurse experience while continuing your education to become a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. The certified nurse assistant job description will provide you with a general idea of the type of attributes the employer seeks. If you do not have any experience or limited continued education, this may be the perfect way to begin improving your future.

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