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Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing

Nurses who are working in the career field of community health nursing will work for clinics, private agencies, government agencies, and various other private settings. They might be called on to focus on a community, an individual, or groups or families. Their intent is to improve the overall health in each situation. They are strong in educating people about preventing disease, health care issues, childcare, nutrition, and more.

This career field is a combination of nursing practice with primary health care. A community health nurse engages in practices that are preventative, curative, and also rehabilitative. It is based on the belief that by directing health education to families, individuals, and groups, it benefits the whole population. Education is their main goal.

A Community Health Nurse (CHN) is a Registered Nurse who works in conjunction with various Health District Programs. They do home follow-ups, deliver health education, give immunizations, and refer patients to the proper avenues of assistance. They coordinate and plan activities designed to help get the word out for helping people with health issues.

Career Outlook, Education Requirements, And Salary For Community Health Nursing:

The average salary of someone working in community nurse health nursing can fall anywhere between $32,000 and more than $100,000 a year. A career in public health care can be quite lucrative. For Community Health Nurses the salaries can average around $51,000 a year.

To Work as in community health nursing requires you to first become a Registered Nurse. This means completing an accredited program to earn your Bachelors degree for Nursing. Then you need to pass the national licensing exam. Your course-work will include physical science, health, and behavioral science. You also need some clinical experience that most of the time can be finished within a community setting. From there you can earn an advanced degree or obtain a certification.

As a Community Health Nurse you should expect to be taking continuing education courses during your whole career. The growth for this career field has been projected to grow by an impressive 22% through to year 2018.

How You Can Start Your Own Career In Community Health Nursing:

Your key to breaking into any career in today’s highly technical world is education and training. Without a degree today your chances for any kind of competitive salary is next to none. And the way countless thousands are earning degrees today is by taking advantage of online distance education.

There are plenty of fantastic accredited online schools you can sign up with to earn your degree. They are able to deliver excellent career training for your goals and needs. You just need to go online and do some research. After you find the right online school with the training programs you need then all that is left is to get enrolled.

Thousands are flocking to online distance education. And thousands of people are beginning new careers using the degree they earned from home taking online courses. And you can get your degree in community health nursing. If you want to change your life and have the career of your dreams, then get online and get enrolled today. A new life and new future is waiting.

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