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Endoscopy Nurse

Endoscopy Nurse

Endoscopy is a specialty in the medical profession that refers specifically to the endoscope that is used through these procedures. Through the endoscopy procedure, the gastroenterologist, with the assistance from the nurse, will look through the scope in the patient’s throat, esophagus and colon to screen for diseases such as acid reflux or colon cancer. The endoscopy nurse is a specially trained nurse who will have various duties depending on the medical facility they work at. The educational requirements for the endoscopy nurse include a four year Bachelors of Science in nursing, followed by a certification program after you have gained experience in the endoscopy field. Both the degree program and the certification exam may be done through the internet from a number of the top online colleges.

Job Description of Endoscopy Nurse

The endoscopy nurse will have various duties to fulfill depending on the facility in which they work. While some endoscopy nurses will be required to prep, clean and maintain their endoscope, others in larger hospitals will have techs that will complete that aspect of the job for them. In all venues however; this nurse will be on hand to assist the doctor in various procedures such as colonoscopies. Some facilities will have two nurses to a patient procedure while others will only provide a single nurse during a procedure, when there are two nurses, there is one who will monitor the patients vitals and ensure they remain stable, while the other will ensure the doctor has the proper tools and will also provide the doctor any assistance they may require, in cases where only one nurse is present, they will only monitor the patient throughout the procedure. After the procedure, the nurse will take the patient to a recovery room, which may be in the endoscopy department or in a surgical department, and then they will return to the procedure room to prep it for the next patient. While the nurse does not have as much contact with the patients as other nurses, most nurses do not want to work in another department; they love this job and consider it one of the top careers in the nursing field today.

Education Required

There are few educational requirements that must be fulfilled before you can begin working as an endoscopy nurse. The main requirement is that of the Bachelors degree of Science in nursing, or the BSN. While some employers accept candidates who hold just a two year associates degree, most will require the four year degree to enter into this type of specialty department. After you have begun working in the endoscopy field under the close supervision of an experienced nurse in endoscopy, you will be eligible to undergo continuing education courses that may be completed online at your own convenience.

These courses will provide you with additional knowledge as it pertains specifically to the field of endoscopy. After you complete the course, you will be given an exam which will certify you to be an accredited endoscopy nurse. With this accreditation, you will be required to maintain various continuing education credit hours each year to keep the certification current and most employers will pay for all costs associated with both the initial course and testing as well as the recertification requirements. Enroll in classes today!

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