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Gastroenterology Nurse

Gastroenterology Nurse

The gastroenterology nurse generally works in the office of gastroenterologists, or internal medicine doctors. They have various duties that depend mainly on what the doctor is set-up to do in their office, such as typical check-ups and examinations or procedures and tests, as well as the individual day and the schedule. This position requires a specialty in endoscopy or internal medicine which is only completed after you have earned your designation as a registered nurse through one of the top online universities who offer an online Bachelors degree in nursing through distance learning. While you may earn the title registered nurse with an Associates degree, the only way to advance with a specialty is the more advanced four year degree. Once you have completed the Bachelors degree, you may go back to college to earn either an online Masters degree in nursing with a concentration in internal medicine or you may take a certification exam after you have completed various continuing education courses.


The gastroenterology nurse is responsible for assisting the internal medicine doctor when patients come in for various types of examinations. These examinations can include initial examinations of new patients, pre-operative examinations or post-operative examinations. In addition, the gastroenterology nurse will take the vitals of each patient before the doctor examines the patient as well as preparing medical history reports of the patients that pertain to both the patient as well as the patient’s family if it is possible that the condition is hereditary. In addition, the gastroenterology nurse will also provide education and prevention tips to all patients to ensure they are well aware of the risks of various behaviors and diets and how to prevent various conditions such as colon cancer.

In addition to examinations, many gastroenterologists have their offices set up to be able to perform various endoscopy procedures which the gastroenterology nurse will assist in. These procedures and tests may include colonoscopy and other tests that may diagnose possibly serious conditions. These procedures require the nurse to be experienced in the field of endoscopy since there are generally no other nurses or techs to assist with the procedure including administering medications, cleaning the scopes and assisting the doctor in all aspects of the procedure. The gastroenterology nurse who assists with procedures has an extremely demanding job to do since they generally do not have another nurse to help with the procedure. There are generally more than one gastroenterology nurses per office, although one will be handling the examinations while the other will assist in procedures, generally, each nurse will either have their own place in the office or they will alternate duties.

Salary of Gastroenterology Nurse

The nurse in the gastroenterology office setting will generally earn about $30 per hour, depending on experience as well as the geographical location of the office. This position is generally a 40 hour per week position with little or no opportunities for on-call work or overtime pay. In addition, you will generally receive generous benefits including substantial discounts for services received from the doctor you work for as well as additional health, vision and life insurance. In addition, you will be able to work day shift only, generally no weekends or late nights as well as holiday pay, you will generally get all holidays off but you will still receive your standard hourly rate for that day.

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