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Geriatric Nursing

Geriatric Nursing

Any job in the medical field, working with elderly people, is a great career move at this moment in time. We are facing a critical point in the country with a grossly skewed aging population. The more people in geriatric nursing, the better.

What is Geriatric Nursing?

These top careers offer a certain type of person a very solid future. This type of nursing is, essentially, caring for older people. These individuals may have a terminal disease, severe depression, a deteriorating mental capacity, or they are simply prone to illness because of their age. To properly care for these people, you must possess specific characteristics. You must possess empathy, advanced social skills, a keen interest in helping others, and a genuine concern for the well-being of older people. You might work at hospitals, retirement facilities, or directly in a patient’s home.

You will be responsible for regularly monitoring several patients’ conditions simultaneously. This particular nursing field experiences a far greater death rate than other types of nurses. It can be quite overwhelming and emotional for many people. You will work closely with the patients on a daily basis by administering medications and providing other treatments to improve their overall health, if even only temporarily. You will provide emotional support and social interaction as these patients are often alone and scared. This job may be physical at times as many patients have lost some or all of their motor skills. You will work closely with the physicians to communicate the patient’s condition and execute any treatment or procedure advised by the physician. Geriatric nursing does require additional education and training.

Education & Training Requirements

You will be required to attain the same level of education as required for a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. Most people choose online degrees. These online programs are typically a bachelor’s degree in nursing with a chosen emphasis. People pursing geriatric nursing might consider a specialization in elderly nursing. Given the increasing level of competition, many people are choosing to pursue a geriatric nurse master’s degree or a master’s in adult health nursing.

You might also consider one of the many online certifications available. You will require a master’s degree prior to gaining acceptance into a certification program. These certifications are for individuals who wish to become a geriatric clinical nurse specialist. These positions are some of the best paid nursing positions available. You might also consider pursing your PhD. Most people who continue on to complete a PhD program are, generally, seeking a geriatric nursing position in research. Regardless of the level of degree you receive, you will be required to obtain national board certification to become a practicing nurse. Depending on your state of residence, you may have additional requirements, as well. Once you have completed your distance education, you will be able to improve your chances of being invited to interview for top organizations across the country.

You cannot go wrong with a career in geriatric nursing. These careers are growing. If you have the appropriate personality, start your new direction today.

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