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Holistic Nursing

Holistic Nursing

Holistic nursing is one of the newest specialties recognized in the nursing field. In this specialty, the medical professionals and the patient would prefer a more natural form of medicine instead of medications and chemicals which may cause more harm than good when administered. In this new specialty, the holistic nurse must be a registered nurse who has gone through the training and education required followed by a certification course and examination to become accredited in the holistic nursing field. These nurses can be employed either in hospitals or doctor’s offices, however; the most widely used form of this specialty is in the home health care field.

Education Required for Holistic Nursing

In order to become qualified in the holistic nursing field, the aspiring nurse must go through a two to four year undergraduate degree program in nursing. These degree programs are available in either the Associates degree or the Bachelors degree programs and can both be completed through most of the best online colleges utilizing the distance learning feature. Through distance learning, the student will take all the required classes in an online format where the courses are accessed online through a virtual classroom. While there is no set class schedule, the student is required to access the course a certain amount of time throughout the week as determined by the instructor and turn in all assignments on time. After the degree program has been completed, the certification process begins. There are numerous online schools that offer certification courses as well as the examinations required to be an accredited holistic nurse.

The theory of home health care has various reasons, the most used is that of hospice or comfort care where the patient has a terminal illness with no chance of recovery. The main purpose of holistic nursing in this field is to make the patient as comfortable as possible while remaining at home instead of spending their last days in the hospital. Holistic nurses revolve around the aspect of healing and comfort without the modern chemicals that most doctors use today such as Morphine that can cause confusion and other serious side effects. In the holistic nursing approach, the nurse will utilize skills learned to use both herbal medications, and those that are derived from plants, such as valerian root, as a muscle relaxer or even medical marijuana when allowed by the state to achieve a new level of comfort for those who wish to be pain free, without the harsh chemicals.


Some holistic options are available in the healthcare setting where the nurses provide a more natural approach to healing and pain management. This is generally done in the obstetrics field where expectant mothers do not want to expose their unborn child to the medications and drugs that take the pain of labor away. In the holistic approach to childbirth, the nurse will provide the expectant mother with breathing exercises such as Lamaze as well as massage techniques to help with the pain associated with childbirth. In addition, water births are a new form in the holistic approach where the mother gives birth in a tub filled with water, which is said to reduce the stress to the newborn that can occur during a traditional childbirth.

If you want to get into the career of holistic nursing, you need to get an education. You will be glad that you did.

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