Holistic Nursing Certification

Holistic Nursing Certification

Holistic, or alternative, medicine is an appealing career path for people who want to help others heal themselves. Alternative healers believe that invasive surgical procedures and drugs have their place but should usually be a last resort. Holistic practitioners want to treat the patient’s emotional state because they believe that unhealthy emotions can lead to disease. Holistic healers pride themselves on their communication skills and listening skills, because part of the holistic healing specialty is active listening. Holistic nursing certification is the best path to one of the top careers in alternative medicine.

A good holistic nurse shows an interest in their patient’s lives and listens to their problems to identify the emotional issues that may be making the patient sick. Some potential nursing students prefer to explore the holistic aspects of a health career and get certified in a holistic specialty first.


Others nursing candidates are concerned with helping patients any way they can but want stability and a higher salary. People who want the professional recognition of a licensed nursing career go back to college or nursing school for the nursing license first. After that, nurses pursue holistic courses to enhance their skills, so they can offer a wider variety of treatments to their patients.

The list of alternative health specialties include: Acupuncture, silent or active mediation, massage, energy work, breath work, physical therapy and exercise, to name just a few. New forms of alternative healing practices are constantly being developed and perfected, so the range of online courses for holistic nursing certification is practically unlimited.

A good example of a popular specialty area is energy work. Energy work includes practices such as Reiki and acupressure. Reiki is the ancient healing art of moving a patient’s energy around without actually laying hands on the body. This movement of energy has been documented to heal many ailments attributed to physical energy blocks that cause physical illness or disease. Acupressure has become more popular over the last few years and involves tapping on important pressure points or “chakras” to release buried emotional baggage that manifests as unpleasant physical symptoms. Reiki and acupressure are just two areas of holistic healing that can add an important dimension to skilled nursing. There are many online colleges and organizations that can refer the interested student to course work that leads to holistic nursing certification.

How To Get Holistic Nursing Certification

With a generation of baby boomers now experiencing the symptoms of aging, and health costs skyrocketing, this century is rapidly becoming the best time for holistic healing which offers a great alternative to surgery and drugs. Furthermore, as a way to relieve the unpleasant side effects of standard western medicine, modern patients and nurses are turning to holistic health solutions in increasing numbers. If you want to get your holistic nursing certification, enroll in classes today.

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