Holistic Nursing Schools

Holistic Nursing Schools

Holistic nursing is part of a major trend in the health profession towards integrative medicine. The terms “holistic, “alternative” and “integrative” are frequently used interchangeably. The terms refer to a type of medical care that utilizes traditional remedies, such as drugs and surgery, for health conditions but also offers additional non-invasive treatments that strengthen the mind, body and spirit. Holistic healing is based on a belief that defining a patient by their illness or condition limits the quality of care and the prognosis. Integrative healers believe a person is more than just a collection of ailments and they work with the whole human being to help patients heal themselves. Holistic nursing schools advocate for new standards to treat and educate patients on how to lead better lives by guiding them towards improved lifestyle choices such as meditation, acupressure and yoga.

There are many people who are interested in the profession of nursing, but don’t want to deal with the traditional medical field. These healers want to focus on just the holistic aspect of nursing and healing. It is possible to have a career as an alternative health provider. Many healers start their own practice or band together with other alternative healers to form an independent practice. Unfortunately, alternative health practitioners without any standard medical training can find themselves scrambling for patients. Most traditional medical insurance does not cover procedures such as acupuncture or energy healing, so practitioners must find patients willing to pay out of pocket. A traditional nursing degree with additional certification in alternative therapies offers nurses a chance to make a difference in the traditional medical world by offering a supplement to standard remedies.

Increasing numbers of practicing nurses are disillusioned with the quality of care they are able to provide within the confines of conventional medicine. Many are seeking ways to improve their nursing practice to offer better care to their patients. Holistic nursing schools are committed to helping the nursing profession become more humane and patient friendly. These holistic nursing schools work hard to provide training that leads to certification in holistic healing. As the American public becomes increasingly aware of holistic practices and beliefs, the demand for nurses that are comfortable with alternative medicine will continue to grow. This is one of the top careers for nursing professionals who want to branch out into other healing modalities.

How To Find Holistic Nursing Schools

For nurses who want to pursue a career in holistic healing, a search online for the American Holistic Nurses Association provides quality information on this specialty. This organization is a good place for nurses that are already certified in holistic medicine or who want to become certified to keep up with the latest information. This association offers leads to online colleges with holistic courses and certification programs that are approved by the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation, an organization that gives its stamp of approval to holistic nursing schools who meet the high standards of the AHNCC. Those who go back to college to complete a course of study at an accredited holistic nursing school can look forward to a satisfying career with a broad spectrum of opportunities.

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