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Home Health Nursing

Home Health Nursing

Home Health Nursing involves helping patients and families to stay independent and keep their dignity. Many have very acute illnesses, terminal illnesses, permanent disability or long term health problems. As a Home Health Nurse you will have the option of working in many various settings. Some of these are assisted living centers, nursing homes, hospitals, and actual homes.

In the past few years Home Health Nursing careers have made many changes. There are new rules and regulations involving Medicaid and Medicare as well as Long Term Care Insurance. Baby boomers are retiring now and are bringing some new challenges to the healthcare industry. New technologies have shortened the length of time people stay for inpatient care which means a higher demand for Home Health Nursing. Technology has also provided a decrease of mortality which again calls for more Home Health Care. If you want a career that will be in high demand and have the personality to work these jobs then you could have a good career in this field.

This career is a specialty field provided by registered nurses who give home care to their patients. Their professional nursing organization is the HHNA (Home Healthcare Nurses Association). These professionals may engage in teaching, counseling, and demonstrating specific skills for their patients and families. They sometimes act as the liaisons between their patients and physicians or hospital staff. Many times their work is involved with the psychological side of their patient’s well-being.

Traits And Salaries For Home Health Nurses:

As a Home Health Nurse you need communications skills that are well developed. You need good observation abilities along with the ability to make decisions properly in regard to your observations. Because of some of the intensity involved you need to be strong emotionally but have a compassionate heart. Back in 2002 a Home Health Nurse could earn a median salary of $48,000 a year. The lower 10% could make around $33,000 while the top 10% brought home around $70,000 a year.

How You Can Get Your Training At Home To Become A Home Health Nurse:

Our economy really took a big hit recently. Many people lost jobs they were planning on retiring from. Some worked two or three jobs they were over-qualified for to keep up their current lifestyles. But suddenly people saw the practicality of online distance education. It is practical because you can keep your current lifestyle. It also gives you the flexibility of working at your own pace. Thousands have been flocking to online schools to get enrolled. And many have turned their lives around by earning their degrees for starting brand new careers. They took their online courses right at home and were able to earn their degree. This meant a new life and a new livelihood. Many came out better than before. The emphasis on education today has reached an all-time high. And the salary gap between those who have degrees and those who do not widens with each passing year.

We have many top quality accredited online colleges with enrollments skyrocketing. They are waiting to help you find the programs and online courses you will need for getting a career in home health nursing. You just need to go online and research a few and contact them. You could enroll today and change all your tomorrows.

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