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Intravenous Therapy Nurse

Intravenous Therapy Nurse

The intravenous therapy nurse assists patients who are in need of various medications that can only be effective when administered by an IV drip. These patients can include those who are on pain medications for a variety of reasons including terminal diseases such as cancer or those who have been injured in accidents as well as basic antibiotics for patients who are ill. The intravenous therapy nurse must already have their Bachelors degree in nursing which can be earned through some of the top online universities through distance learning, which allows the student to attend a virtual classroom instead of going to a traditional college campus on a set class schedule. After the online Bachelors degree is earned, the nurse will then attend various continuing education courses to become certified in intravenous therapy which will qualify them to work in either a hospital or home health setting.

Intravenous Therapy Nurse

Intravenous therapy nurse jobs can be found in a wide variety of healthcare facilities and hospitals nationwide. In this setting, they are generally assisting those who are incapacitated and are not healthy enough to be at home. These patients are generally those who have been victim to severe accidents and assaults and require pain medication that can become addictive. The IV nurse will administer the medication through the IV and help the patient to wean off the medication in an attempt to prevent addiction. Another function of the intravenous therapy nurse job in the hospital setting is to administer the proper dosage of antibiotics to patients who are severely ill, with illnesses like pneumonia that can cause more serious side effects or even death if it is not treated with the proper dosage of antibiotics immediately. This nurse can expect to work varying shifts, although on-call work and overtime are generally not required. The shifts can range from day shift to graveyard and frequently require weekends and holidays as well.

Home Health Care

The intravenous nurse in the home health care setting is generally for those who are able to remain at home although they are extremely ill. Most of these patients have a terminal illness such as cancer where they require numerous medications including antibiotics, fluids and pain medication that can only be administered by IV, generally because it becomes very difficult for a terminal patient to swallow pills. The intravenous therapy nurse in this setting will go to the patient’s house each day and administer the proper dosage of medication as well as check the connections both to the patient as well as to the IV drip machine to ensure everything is working properly and there are no air bubbles present which can also cause serious complications. The nurse in this aspect can expect to be called in to assist with any one of their patients for any emergencies that arise when they are not present, therefore, overtime, nightshifts, weekends and holidays are all normal occurrences with this position. In addition, when working in this aspect in the home health field, it is generally with a hospice agency, therefore, it takes a special type of nurse to go to the home of a person who is dying without becoming attached making it very difficult emotionally for the nurse when the patient passes away.

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