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Navy Nursing

Navy Nursing

With navy nursing, you will have the ability to earn a top notch education at the top online university of your choice and then enjoy the benefits of excellent on the job training through the navy after graduation. This is by far one of the best ways to gain not only your Bachelors of Science in nursing, but also to gain exceptional experience before entering the work field in civilian life, giving you a leg up for both promotions throughout the department you choose to enter as well as boosting your income based on the experience you have already earned. In order to qualify for a navy nursing program, you must be between the ages of 18 and 41 and be not only in excellent physical condition and health, but you must also maintain good student standing in the navy nursing school you attend.

Navy Nursing

In navy nursing, you may qualify for one of two exceptional financial aid programs. The first program is for those aspiring nurses who are still in high school. This program will give you up to $180,000 for the nursing program of your choice. You do not need to earn your degree through the navy; instead, you choose the school you want to attend, whether it is a traditional college or one of the top online universities. This option will pay most, if not all, of your total nursing school tuition, meaning you can actually graduate with a Bachelors degree completely debt free. The next option is for those who are already attending an accredited nursing school. With this navy nursing financial aid program, you may qualify for a one-time payment of $10,000 plus an additional $1000 per month for living expenses. Both of these programs can be done while you are enlisted as a naval reserve officer, so there is no need to attempt both college and active duty at the same time.


While you are in the navy nursing program, you must at least be enlisted in the naval reserve program, meaning you go through training one weekend per month and two weeks out of each summer. This acts as on the job training which provides you with experience in one of the numerous specialty nursing programs available through the Navy. Once you have completed your Bachelors degree program, you must enlist in active duty for at least three years where you will be given more on the job training and gain some experience that most nursing students will never see. For instance, you may travel to third world countries to give vaccines to children who, in any other case, would die without the vaccines. Or you may be in an active war zone where you must tend to the wounds of soldiers who have been injured in the line of duty. This experience will give you more opportunities once you enter into the civilian nursing field, providing you with education and experience in high stress situations where time is of the essence. With the training and experience you receive, the nursing career offered through the Navy is one of the top careers today, giving you the boost you need to achieve excellence in the nursing field.

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