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New Graduate Nursing Jobs

New Graduate Nursing Jobs

As our population increases in both age and size, there is a growing need for those with medical training. This ranges from doctors to in-home health care specialists. The training is just as varied as the positions that are held. If you are interested in entering nursing, learning about new graduate nursing jobs is a great way to take that first step.

Jobs for Nursing Graduates

New graduate nursing jobs vary a great deal. On one hand you may need a certification and bachelor’s degree to work as an in-home health care specialist. On the other hand, you may need to earn a master’s degree or higher to enter the field as a registered nurse. The career level you plan to enter will affect your income and education requirements. This should be considered very heavily as each position is right for some and wrong for others. For example, becoming an RN can lead to a significant income, but it also carries a longer education, higher stress and longer hours. This is perfect for many, but others might prefer a shorter education and less stress and hours. Research is the key here. Speak to people in the field. As an in-home healthcare nurse you will work with those that need some help with their daily tasks. The income will be middle ranged but the hours will be short and you can often choose your own schedule.

Nursing is an important field that will require a great deal of patience. Your patients are usually at their worst when ill. This is true for all of us, in most cases. New graduate nursing jobs will all see good income and hiring potential. Again, finding the right position for you is the most important choice you can make. With the wide variety of positions available for nurses it would be impossible to give a fair estimate of an expected income. Your education will impact your income and you can see it range from $30,000 a year for a short education to over $100,000 a year with a master’s or doctorate.

Going to College

Regardless of how long you plan to stay in school to reach the requirements for your chosen position, you will need to find a way to balance your personal, work and school schedules. This can be a major hurdle for students these days, but there is a surprisingly easy way to overcome this. Online degree programs offer a wide variety of courses and certifications for students. Through an online college you will be able to attend school in the same way as you would on a college campus, with a few key differences. Online courses are usually run through a schedule that your instructor creates. Following this schedule will show you when textbook study, reports, quizzes, tests and other homework should be completed. The advantage of an online degree program is that you get to choose when to do this work. Rarely, if ever, will you have a scheduled meeting in an online class. Instead, the work is left to the student, with lectures provided through videos or notes. Online colleges offer most of the courses you need and all of the convenience you need to earn your degree and start searching for new graduate nursing jobs.

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