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Nurse Educator Salary

Nurse Educator Salary

There is a nursing shortage in our country and the shortage is predicted to grow over the coming years. In order to meet this demand, many schools are recruiting qualified nurse educators to train a new generation of health care providers. Nurse educators must combine a passion for teaching with clinical expertise to prepare the Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses of tomorrow. If you would like to start a rewarding new career and earn a lucrative nurse educator salary, why not go back to college and get your career training as a nurse educator?

Job description to earn a nurse educator salary

Earning a nurse educator salary involves designing, evaluating, implementing, and revising training programs and continuing education for nurses of all kinds. These programs may include everything from certificate to degree-level training and will be taught in a variety of educational institutions. When you join this career, you are making a commitment to preparing nursing candidates to work in the ever-changing health care field.

Before you can earn your nurse educator salary, you must complete an advanced education and clinical training in your choice of health care specialty so you can fulfill the job responsibilities. As part of the job, nurse educators are responsible for conducting classes, designing curriculum, developing courses, evaluating learning, providing guidance, and keeping records of student achievement. In addition, they work with students to identify and maximize strengths and to overcome weaknesses. They also serve as researchers, advisors, conference presenters, peer review members, grant writers, and more.

Education and training

Nurse educators must possess a minimum of a master’s degree in order to teach; but a doctoral degree is required for tenure or to work as a professor or any other high-level teaching position. In some places, nurses who are still working in a clinical setting may teach with a bachelor’s degree but this is becoming increasingly rare as schools strive to provide the optimum nursing education. There are a variety of programs available to get the needed education and you may be able to complete your education online, if that is your preference. During your studies, you will learn the basics of the learning process, principles of adult education, teaching methods, curriculum development, program evaluation, student counseling, and much more.

Due to the increasing need for qualified nurse educators, there are now programs available to help pay for the necessary training. The Nurse Reinvestment Act, the Bureau of Health Professions, and the National Health Service Corps all offer student loan repayment programs for those who commit to serving in a faculty position upon graduation from a nursing education training program.

Depending on your level of education and the specific position in which you work, you can earn a nurse educator salary of as much as $100,000 or more. This is a highly rewarding career that will provide you with great job security and a comfortable working environment. Ditch your dead-end job and start anew with a career as a nurse educator today.

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