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Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics is a specialty integrating nursing science, information science, and computer science for managing and communicating information, data, wisdom, and knowledge within nursing practices. Nursing Informatics is its own field and it falls with the field of what is known as ‘health informatics’. This is where those with nursing degrees are involved with implementing a computer application to hospitals, nursing homes, public health clinics, doctor’s offices, and various other healthcare settings.

Nursing Informatics can play a variety of roles in implementing these computer applications. They are basically the liaisons between technical staff and developers and the nurses. They are involved in collecting user requirement, setting the applications up, and tweaking them to fit with the clinic or hospital’s needs. This career field is very broad and very generic. Computer technology and nursing science merge to form this career field. Their intent is to find solutions to improve care quality for patients. These areas are not limited to just Nursing Informatics. Clinical Analysts can be involved as well. The difference is that they will not be required to hold a nursing degree. But they all are participants.

Who Hires These Professionals?

While a lot of the work is performed in clinics and hospitals, it most definitely is not limited to that. There are vendors who may hire you if you are trained in this profession. You could become a consultant or travel to various hospitals all around the country. You may even opt for traveling outside the country and implementing specific solutions for certain vendors. When you take on the job of consultant like this you could either be the one who designs the way the solution will interact for a hospital or many hospitals that are part of a network, or you could actually be the one who configures the solution so it meets all the client’s requirements. Programming is yet another side of Nursing Informatics. You do not necessarily have to take computer programming to enter this field. But if you want to get involved in the programming aspect of it then of course you will need the training. You might be engaged in writing scripts for hospital applications.

How To Get Your Career Training To Break Into Nursing Informatics:

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