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Occupational Health Nurse

Occupational Health Nurse

An OHN, or Occupational Health Nurse, is a Registered Nurse that works independently observing and assessing the health of workers in regard to their duties and the risks involved. They use their specialized education and experience to recognize and prevent exposure to health hazards. They are prepared to give treatment to both injuries and illnesses. They work with various employers for developing programs for health and safety, and design them uniquely for that specific companies’ type of work and environment. They are advocates for employees to ensure their rights for cost-effective and prevention-oriented programs for health and safety.

This career field is very broad ranged and diverse. You can find OHNs working as:educators, corporate directors, case managers, clinicians, and even consultants. Some of their duties and responsibilities are in:environmental health, diseases management emergent preparedness, disaster planning, healthcare services, employee treatment, and rehabilitation. OHNs will also educate employees about their responsibilities in regard to their own health. They talk about fitness and nutrition, smoking, weight control, and stress management. They spend time monitoring workers in conjunction with workplace exposure while gathering hazard and health data.

Educational Requirements For Becoming An Occupational Health Nurse:

These requirements for becoming certified as an OHN will vary. This depends on which position you take within this broad ranged field. Of course the entry level positions are the most basic for obtaining licensure to become a Registered Nurse. The entry level jobs may call for an Associates degree in some positions or a Bachelors degree. There are special cases where you can earn a diploma from any number of clinical nursing programs and then pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

An Occupational Health Nurse can also get training in the field. This goes through the NIOS (National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health). All certified Occupational Health Nurses need to get their licensure from the state they will be practicing in. Regardless of education or training levels, to officially call yourself a Certified OHN you need to get certification from the ABOHN (American Board Of Occupational Health Nurses. This means you have to pass a three hour exam consisting of 150 multiple choice questions. And there are specific levels that also require a certain amount of experience, like 3,000 hours for each individual certification.

How You Can Become An OHN:

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