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Oncology Nursing

Oncology Nursing

Oncology nursing is a nursing specialty which requires a particular type of nurse. Oncology nurses work with cancer patients of all kinds. This nursing specialty is always seeking qualified and well-educated candidates. You could be a part of these top careers in a relatively short amount of time.

What is Oncology Nursing?

Oncology nurses work with all types of cancer from colon to brain and all forms of treatment from preventative treatments to end-of-life care. These nurses will work with patients who have cancer and the entire support system of the cancer patient. Most oncology nurses work with a specific group of patients or type of cancer. Even though a nurse may be in a particular region or specialization, they will have similar roles and responsibilities. You may be required to administer and educate patients on chemotherapy. You may do the same for radiotherapy. You could also be responsible for providing community outreach programs to train people in early detection.

One of your roles may be side effect management. People seeking various cancer treatments may have horrendous side effects. You will work with them to find ways to manage the effects and assist with pain control. You may assist patients with terminal cases in end-of-life care such as acceptance and emotional support. You may also provide survivorship support to all the patients you help successfully beat cancer. These nursing positions may be highly emotional, so individuals who pursue this line of work should possess incredible empathy and interpersonal strength. You should also possess excellent communication skills, a sense of teamwork, and the ability to work under intense pressure-filled and stressful situations. One day your job may be mundane and another, it may be filled with emergencies. You never know what to expect.

How to Become an Oncology Nurse

The start to an oncology nursing degree is similar to most. You must complete one of many online degrees in nursing. Most employers prefer you to receive a bachelor’s degree in nursing. You may choose from a variety of specializations and online courses during your distance education. By choosing one of many top online universities, you create the flexibility of being able to keep your current job while pursing your degree. You will also be required to pass the national nursing licensure certification and any additional certification requirements the state in which you work requires. You might consider continuing on to receive your master’s degree to set yourself apart from the competition. If you are interested in one of the most well-paid positions in oncology nursing, you might complete your professional certification and become a clinical specialist nurse in oncology. You might also receive a PhD and concentrate on research to find new ways of curing cancer. Your possibilities are nearly endless.

The need for oncology nursing remains steadfast. These positions are expected to continue to grow as the population ages. If you are looking for a nursing position with a stable future and good pay, this is the position for you. Keep working on your education, one course at a time, and you can make an even greater contribution to the medical field one day.

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