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Parish Nurse

Parish Nurse

A parish nurse is an important member of several religious congregations. You might work for one religious organization or several. You will be responsible for the general health of the community.

Roles and Responsibilities

A parish nurse is not a nurse in the traditional sense most people associate with a nursing job description today. These positions are often available to aid the community and congregation in merging their personal lifestyles with their religious beliefs. They are often about promoting the overall well-being of everyone rather than simply their personal health. Many times members of the congregation and the nurse will meet to establish a course-of-action. This may be to remove various toxins from their lives such as bad habits or even toxic people. They will work together to find a way to enhance the life of each person in any way a person requires.

Much of your job will be about educating the community on how to live a healthier lifestyle. You might give presentations to the congregation and local community to educate them on steps to make to live a longer and stronger life. You might create clever programs to encourage participation on a large scale. You might even consider launching a wellness program throughout the community. Your job will be more about prevention and advocacy than providing actual health care. You might often simply be a person for others to speak with about their current stresses and teach them how to manage stress and stressful circumstances. Your job will be essential for the total health of the community.

Education and Training

A parish nurse will have, in most instances, been a practicing nurse for many years prior to taking on a faith-based position. To become a practicing nurse, you will require a degree. If you choose to complete an associate’s degree, consider completing your bachelor’s degree through online universities while you begin your practical work experience. While you are working, you might consider finding a nursing specialty which will be beneficial to your future patients in the congregation such as oncology or a general nurse practitioner. Certain specialties may require further education, which can be accomplished through distance education, as well.

You should also focus on a specific skill set to aid in your future employment. Many certifications could save people’s lives in emergency situations such as a basic life support certification or an advanced cardiac life support certification. You should also concentrate of your bedside manners, communication, and empathy throughout your working experience. You must be able to demonstrate patience, kindness, compassion, and the ability to listen. People with faith rely upon the other members as a support system of trust and guidance. You will also be required to complete a parish nurse certification from the International Parish Nurse Resource Center. This particular certification will complete your well-rounded education and training making you the ideal candidate for potential employers.

A parish nurse is a crucial role to the overall well-being of a congregation. If you are seeking a position to give back to the community and your ministry, this is the position for you. Start a path to wellness today.

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