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Psychiatric Nurse

Psychiatric Nurse

Are you looking into going back to school to continue your education and earn a degree doing something that you love? Are you looking for a way to have a more financially stable future for you and your family? If you should find that to be true, and you have always found that the nursing career interested you, perhaps you have given a great deal of consideration to becoming a nurse. If you are also interested in the field of psychology and you want to help patients suffering from mental illnesses, perhaps you have heard of a psychiatric nurse and even wondered about their career. In this article, you will learn what a psychiatric nurse is, the job responsibilities that they have, the education they receive and how much money they make. From there, you will be able to determine whether this is the right career choice for you.

Psychiatric Nurse Job Description

A psychiatric nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in taking care of patients with mental disorders and illnesses. You will be working in a hospital or mental institution. You will be helping patients to eat, dress, bathe, groom themselves and you will also be responsible for leading them in socialization as well with educational and recreational activities. This can include playing cards with them, watching TV with them, playing sports with them or taking them on group outings. You will observe the patients and report anything that may be necessary for the doctors to know.  Because psychiatric patients can be a danger to themselves and others, you need to be able to restrain them in various ways, even through the use of restraining devices.  You will also be in charge of accompanying patients to and from therapy and treatment. Because you, as a psychiatric nurse, will spend so much time with the patient, you will have a huge impact on their recovery and outlook on life.

Educational Requirements and Salary Information

In order to become a psychiatric nurse, you must at least hold a BSN, which stands for Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree. This is a special type of Registered Nurse. You will complete a program to earn your degree through an accredited school or university. Often times, you will find that having a Basic Life Support certification is required when you are a psychiatric nurse. You will also need to be licensed to work in this profession.  The average annual salary for a nurse is approximately $66,704 a year, including benefits.  You can also make a higher salary depending on your level of experience and geographical location.

If you are interested in a job as a psychiatric nurse, this is a wonderful career field to break into. You will be not only benefiting your life, but the lives of so many others as well. The first step in getting started in your new career is to contact an accredited school and speak to an admissions counselor who can help you to fill out the necessary paperwork and get enrolled in the proper classes. From there, you will be well on your way to earning your degree and getting into the work force. Good luck to you!

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