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Research Nurse

Research Nurse

A research nurse is equally as important as any other type of nurse in the medical field. Many times, research nurses are employed by companies and organizations outside of the traditional medical facilities. If you choose this career path, you will be working to change the lives of millions worldwide each day.

The Position

Research nurse positions hold an extremely important level of responsibility. You will be responsible for monitoring and caring for patients on clinical trials or therapy trials. You will work closely with physicians and researchers to establish whether or not a drug is successfully working. You might be responsible for closely observing each patient at various stages of the drug trial. You must be an excellent communicator. You will be responsible for speaking with patients about their side effects and current conditions. You must be able to reiterate their feelings precisely through written and oral explanations. You will also be responsible for maintaining meticulous records of each patient and each trial. If a researcher or a doctor is unable to comprehend your interpretation and explanations, it could be detrimental to the study. You must have a complete knowledge and understanding of each test subject’s condition each time they are in your presence. Any undetected change in behavior or physical appearance could also hurt the study. Many times, a patient will not understand how a subtle change in their condition may be crucial to the test. You must be able to build a rapport with your test subjects to establish trust.

At times, you may have more hands-on roles. You could be asked to take samples of blood, urine, or tissue. You might also work with sophisticated and highly technical machines to administer exams or perform therapies. You might work with your patients to establish a treatment plan for their disease while they are taking experimental medications. You might be working with the goal of creating a new life saving drug; however, your test subjects will often be very ill and in a last attempt to become free of their debilitating disease. You should have a tremendous amount of compassion and empathy. You must work to ensure they are as comfortable as possible throughout their treatment, as they are doing a great service to the medical industry just as you are.

The Process

To become a research nurse, you will be required to pass many of the same exams as any other nurse. You will be required to complete an advanced degree through online universities or a traditional bricks and mortar university. You might consider taking online courses while you keep your current job. These positions are becoming increasingly competitive; therefore, many people are choosing to complete their Master’s degree. You will also be required to pass all state license examinations and certifications. Depending upon the type of research you will be conducting, each employer may have other specific certification requirements for you to complete prior to starting such prestigious positions.

A research nurse has the potential to change the world. If you care about finding cures for diseases, this is the position for you. Start your path to these top careers today.

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