Research Nurse Jobs

Research Nurse Jobs

Research facilities nationwide offer research nurse jobs. These jobs can be found in independent research facilities as well as various teaching hospitals and research hospitals. Only the best registered nurses can become research nurses, therefore, the salary for this specialty is in the $80,000 to $140,000 per year range plus any overtime or benefits offered by the employer. In order to become qualified for one of the research nurse jobs, you must first earn a BSN or a Bachelors of Science in nursing plus your two year online Masters degree in addition to about three to five years’ experience in the nursing profession. Only after these requirements are met and you prove yourself as one of the top RN’s in the field will you be able to enter into one of these top careers offering one of the top salaries in the nursing industry.

Independent Research Nurse Jobs

Research nurse jobs in the independent research field include those who provide assistance to doctors and scientists who work in an office setting. These types of jobs generally consist of locating the ideal patients for various clinical trials for minor illnesses. The research nurses will then assist administering the clinical trial to the patient and monitor their results. The monitoring will take place in the office where the patient will return in a set amount of time, generally a couple weeks for various check-ups and additional tests to ensure the disease or condition is either improving or going away altogether. This type of research nurse job will have a median salary in the $80,000 per year range since their job is not as intense as one in a research hospital.

Research and Teaching Hospital Jobs

The most sought after research nurse jobs are located in various teaching and research based hospitals and medical facilities. These hospitals include various universities where students gain on the job training in the hospital setting, although these hospitals are also some of the top research facilities as well. Hospitals that focus mainly on research include hospitals like St. Jude, where the main focus is childhood cancer. Scientists in these settings generally work day and night in an effort to cure various terminal illnesses such as cancer and AIDS. Patients suffering from these types of diseases know that admittance into these hospitals is generally their best chance at survival. The research jobs in these fields focus on patient care. The nurse will be assisting the doctor to administer the trial, after which, they will closely monitor the patient for any changes to their condition. Since most patients who qualify for one of these clinical trials are generally on their final hope of survival, it is imperative that they have a research nurse who not only has a broad understanding of the research being developed, but they also provide an excellent bedside manner to both the patient as well as the family. In this setting, the research nurse jobs generally require the nurse to work long, hard hours, sometimes pulling double shifts in an effort to keep watch on their patients who have recently received the trial. In addition, these hospitals never close; therefore, the research nurse can expect to work extremely long hours allowing them one of the top salaries that range from $100,000 to $140,000 per year.

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