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Respiratory Nurse

Respiratory Nurse

A respiratory nurse is a specialized registered nurse. Many people prefer to work with one particular area in the medical field after they complete their education and training. If you have an interest in diseases which affect the respiratory system and lungs, this is the nursing field for you.

The Job of Respiratory Nurse

In general, you will provide top patient care to individuals suffering from lung disease or other diseases affecting one’s respiratory system. These illnesses and diseases could be any number of afflictions such as asthma, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, or tuberculosis. Many nurses choose this particular specialty because they know someone who has been directly affected by such a disease. These patients are often in great pain and struggle in basic daily activities most people take for granted. You must be empathetic and gentle with your care. These nursing positions often require sensitivity and compassion. Many of these patients may become terminal at some point. It is important you are emotionally strong if you wish to become a respiratory nurse.

Your tasks, roles, and responsibilities will vary from day-to-day. You will be required to have extensive education and training in pulmonary medicine. You will be examining patients to gather pertinent information to determine the source, cause, or diagnosis of their affliction. You will also work closely with your patients to determine a plan of action for treatment. You should listen to your patients and work with them to determine the best treatment plan for their needs. You will also be responsible for gathering other critical information from your patients. You should establish a rapport with your patients to forge a trusting relationship. You will need to gather their family medical history and current condition. You may, at times, administer medications, as well as monitor the results of said medications. Your roles and responsibilities will be hands-on at all times. You may also be responsible for providing preventative health education to your patients and their loved ones.

The Process

To pursue these top careers as a respiratory nurse, you must have the appropriate certifications, degrees, and experience. As with all nursing positions, you must begin with your advanced degree. Many employers require a bachelor’s degree; however, some only require an associate’s degree. If you choose to start gaining practical work experience as quickly as possible, consider taking online courses to complete your bachelor’s degree while you work. Many promotions will require a higher degree. If you have any ambitions to continue to improve your financial situation in the future, you may consider this path. Online universities make it increasingly easy to continue your distance education without quitting your job.

You will also be required to complete several certifications. You must become a registered nurse. You will take an exam for this certification. You will also be required to receive your national licensure to be able to be a practicing registered nurse. You will then require several years working as a nurse gaining as much experience possible in pulmonary medicine.

A respiratory nurse is a challenging and rewarding position. With the right education and training, you can have a stable future. It only takes one course to begin.

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