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Scrub Nurse

Scrub Nurse

Scrub nurses are Registered Nurses who work in the operating or surgical units of both hospitals and doctor’s offices. This is a specialized field in nursing where at least an Associates degree or Bachelors degree in nursing is required as well as continuing education courses as required by your employer to remain up to date on all the advances in surgical procedures. Scrub nurses are always in high demand and are given a competitive salary for their expertise. In addition, the job of the scrub nurse is considered one of the top careers in the medical profession.

The scrub nurses job is to assist the doctor in most surgical procedures. This can range from marking incision points before the surgery to applying the dressing after the surgery is complete and numerous things in between. These duties during surgery include monitoring patient’s vital signs to ensure they remain stable and ensuring all the needed surgical tools are available for the doctor to use when they are needed. The scrub nurse is an instrumental part of the surgical team; providing needed support for the doctor throughout the procedure including notifying family members of the surgery’s progress, ordering any necessary supplies that are not located inside the operating room and virtually anything else the doctor may need during the procedure.

Education Required

In order to become a scrub nurse, you must first become a Registered Nurse, or an RN. To become an RN, you must go back to college and earn either an Associates of Science in Nursing, or an ASN, or a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, or the BSN. If you wish to pursue your career further, you can also earn a Masters in Nursing. This will allow you to work in management positions throughout the surgical unit as well as giving you a higher salary that only comes with a Masters degree. All of these degree programs are available through top online universities where you can do all the required coursework online and participate in the clinical trainings in a facility in your area. Once you earn your degree and pass any tests required by your state, you are an RN; which means you are qualified to apply for one of many scrub nurses jobs.

Types of Work

While the most popular type of scrub nurse is located in the surgical unit of a hospital or medical center, more and more doctors’ offices are utilizing the services of a nurse in their own practice. Doctors have come to realize that they can keep costs down by performing minimally invasive surgical procedures in their offices, eliminating the need for the patient to go to the hospital, although they still require the same surgical teams. Most doctors’ offices that employ scrub nurses will have one or two nurses on staff for each doctor in the office, where the surgical unit of the hospital will have many scrub nurses. When working at a doctor’s office, the nurse will generally work a typical forty hour work week, however; when working for a hospital, the scrub nurses will alternate nights and weekends on-call for any emergency surgery that may come in. Enroll in classes today.

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