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Supplemental Nurse

Supplemental Nurse

Nursing has always been a career in which the economy does not determine the employment or pay rates, making it one of the top careers of all time. There are many specialties included in the nursing industry, however; if you do not want to choose a certain specialty, you may choose to enjoy the flexibility of going into supplemental nursing. The supplemental nurse may float around various departments of one hospital or they may enjoy the option of becoming a traveling supplemental nurse where they travel to various parts of the country where qualified nurses are in high demand. These jobs can be one day or a few months, whatever the needs of the facility are and how long you wish to be there.

Education Required to become a Supplemental Nurse

The education required to become a supplemental nurse is the same as a typical Registered Nurse. There are two degree programs you may choose from to earn your RN which can both be earned through some of the top online universities while you enjoy the benefits and flexibility of distance learning. These degree programs include the two year Associates of Science in Nursing, or the ASN, which will allow you to begin working as a supplemental nurse quicker, however; the four year online Bachelors degree in nursing will give you more knowledge that is required in this competitive field.

Types of Employment

There are many different types of employment the supplemental nurse can obtain. The main type of job is the floater nurse. This type of nurse will work in one specific facility and work in all the departments of that facility, wherever the need for a nurse is for that shift. Just because this is a floating position where the nurse only works as there is need, this is still typically a full-time position, giving you the benefits generally offered by the employer. In addition, this job allows you to work in all departments meaning you will be constantly moving and never have the same day twice. The other type of employment is that of the traveling nurse. This type of nurse will travel to parts of the country as needed by various healthcare facilities. Generally, this position is worked through a supplemental nursing agency who will request your services; the agency will then contact you to determine your required pay as well as how long you wish to be there. These positions can be in any hospital across the country, therefore, you may be working in a large facility in California one day and a small rural hospital in Ohio the next day, giving you the flexibility to travel the country and earn one of the top salaries as well.

The salary for the supplemental nurse will range depending on the type of employment you wish to pursue. The travel nurse for example, will earn about $35-$40 per hour plus any costs to travel, including gas, airline ticket and lodging while you are there. The floating nurse will earn about the same wage as a typical Registered Nurse which is about $25-$30 per hour, therefore, as a traveling nurse, you may earn up to $10 per hour more plus traveling expenses.

If you want to be a supplemental nurse, you will have to get your education. Enroll in classes today.

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