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Surgical Nurse

Surgical Nurse

A surgical nurse position is a highly regarded nursing position. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding nursing job, this is the job for you. This specialization will lead you to a secure future.

Surgical Nurse

Being a surgical nurse is not as simple as simply providing assistance during surgery. Many different types of surgical nurses exist. These people work on a surgical team to provide the best patient care possible from pre-surgery to post-surgery. If you are unable to take direction well from other team members to complete an end goal, the livelihood of the patient, this position may not be for you. You will be required to work under intensely stressful situations much of the time. Many times, team members will be stressed with one another because of the situation. This is not to be taken personally. If you handle stress incredibly well and work well under pressure, this is the job for you. These traits will allow you to work with the other surgical staff as a unified team for the overall well-being of the patient.

Each type of nurse will have a different role. The overall responsibilities will all lead to the successful outcome of your patient having many happy years ahead of them, in most cases. Some team members will work to prepare a patient prior to surgery. This may include answering questions the patient may have, shaving the patient, or educating the patient and loved ones on what to expect during the procedure. All these nursing positions require long hours and that you stand on your feet for long periods at a time. This is not a standard nursing position with regulated breaks. Many times surgeries last over 8 hours. As part of the team, you will be required to be there until the end. If you are looking for a more normal routine without being in one place for so long, you should consider another nursing position.


Throughout the surgery, team members will have various roles and responsibilities to complete in a variety of fashions. Some team members will be responsible for managing the surgical equipment such as the surgical instruments for the surgeon. These team members will ensure all equipment is sterile at all times and provide the surgeon with such equipment the moment they ask for it. These nurses must be alert 100% of the time. If they hand the doctor the wrong surgical tool, it could end someone’s life. Other team members will be responsible for rotating between surgeries to take samples to labs, get the team members anything they need, or to provide updates from the hospital. One of the most important roles is keep perfect inventory of all surgical equipment to ensure nothing is left inside the patient after surgery. Some nurses will have a more hands on roll throughout the surgery, while others will provide care throughout post operation. Each surgical nurse is an integral part of the team.

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