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Trauma Nurse

Trauma Nurse

A trauma, by nature, often equates to an emergency situation. If you react well under stressful situations, think and react quickly in time sensitive scenarios, and have a desire to help people, this may be the position for you. A trauma nurse requires all these attributes and more.

Trauma Nurse

A trauma nurse is an intense profession. You will often be working with people in life threatening situations on a daily basis. You must be able to remain composed during stressful circumstances. You must also be able to multitask and remain completely focused for long periods of time. In trauma wards or emergency rooms, many times, multiple emergencies are being treated simultaneously. You must be able to drown out everything else and focus on the patient at hand. You must be able to remain calm above all else. You must also be able to move from a relaxed state to an emergency in a moment’s notice. You may have down time for several hours without any stress when a trauma patient arrives without notification. You must be able to react immediately. In many cases, you will be responsible for assessing the patient, treating the patient, and stabilizing the patient. Frequently, trauma nurses work without the supervision of a doctor.

These positions are often about the unknown. You never know which type of emergency will present itself on any given day. You never know the time of day you will be called to an emergency. You never know the age, race, or gender of your patients. You will work with every possible type of person and situation imaginable. You will then be presented with the unimaginable. You must be extraordinarily emotionally strong. You will be witness to life’s horrific accidents, many of which take the lives of people far too early. It may often seem unfair, and you must find a way to cope and move on to fight the next battle. Once you stabilize a patient, many times you will then become responsible for educating your patients. An emergency situation is sometimes created from acts of misusing common sense. You should be prepared to give a patient or two a stern lecture. Others will need a more sensitive approach. You will be required to read each situation and patient accordingly and teach them in areas such as changing dressings at home, how to properly consume their medications, or how to improve their healing on their own.


Each trauma nurse is required to complete a degree. Depending upon the position, you may require an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree. Some people choose to take online courses from online universities once they complete their associate’s degree and begin working as a registered nurse. This will also allow for people with ambitions of becoming a nurse in trauma to gain required work experience. It is an ideal situation for many people seeking jobs in these top careers. You might also be required to complete a registered trauma nurse certificate.

A trauma nurse is a demanding and equally rewarding position. You could start changing people’s lives one course at a time. Start your future today.

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