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VA Nursing

VA Nursing

The Veterans Administration (VA) has an impeccable reputation in the medical community. VA nursing is considered one of the premier opportunities in nursing. VA nurses are treated to state of the art medical facilities and the latest developments in trauma treatment and long-term care for wounded veterans of all ages and conditions. The VA is also part of our federal government and gets funding to hire the highest quality personnel. A nurse who gets a job with the VA can expect to work with other professionals who adhere to very high professional standards.

VA nursing involves working with patients at all different recovery and ability levels. The VA is responsible for taking care of veterans from every war fought by our country since the early 20th century. Nurses in the VA can expect to work with all different age groups, as the wounded veterans they treat can range from vets who served in World War II to veterans of current military engagements, such as the war in Afghanistan or Iraq. Nursing with the VA involves teams of medical professionals, social worker, doctors, nurses, all working together to provide the best possible care. Unlike private medical care, the VA is a nonprofit agency. This means that they can provide excellent care without trying to cut corners, which is an unfortunate side effect of the private medical sector.

VA Nursing Is Well Respected

Nursing is a challenging profession that deserves respect. Unfortunately, in many hospitals and private medical facilities, nurses are still not always afforded the respect they deserve. This is not the case for nurses who are employed with the government and especially the VA. VA nursing attracts the most qualified professionals and offers the chance to work in state of the art facilities where patient care is the top priority. The VA encourages its doctors and nurses to model the best patient care for seriously injured veterans. It also encourages VA medical staff to constantly challenge themselves to promote the highest standards for best practices in patient care.


VA nurses who find ways to improve patient care and safety are frequently recognized by national nursing associations and other organizations for their dedication and determination in providing the best possible care for wounded vets. VA nursing is the best way for nurses to learn about medical care from some of the best medical personnel in the country.

The VA has specific criteria for hiring nurses. Selection for openings in the VA is dependent upon the current available openings for registered nurses or licensed practical nurses. The government requires at least an associate degree plus a year or two of job experience to hire a nurse at the entry level of their structured tier system. There are many outstanding online colleges and certification programs that offer online courses and on site training for the nursing student. Unlike some other public sector professions, nurses are compensated well for their continuing education and experience. An additional benefit of working for the VA is the chance to earn scholarships to go back to college. The more education and experience a nurse has, the higher they can advance in the VA. If you want to get involved in VA nursing, enroll in school today.

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