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Information Technology

Information Technology

If you love working with computers then this is the place for you. Whether you want to build computers from the ground up or create the software that runs on them, there’s a program for you.

Learning to bridge the gap between management and IT workers is what the computer information systems program is all about. If you know and love the internet, try a web development program to get involved with the inner-workings of websites. If you have a brain for math, combine that with your love of technology and check out a programmer, computer science, database development or computer networking program. If you are good at using computers to create audiovisual or printed materials, why not explore a desktop and web publishing program or an instructional technology specialist program?

Manage Computer Hardware

If you like to learn how things work, and make them work how they are supposed to, you would likely enjoy a computer repair technician, industrial instrumentation or robotics program where you will learn to repair computer equipment, maintain and repair instruments used in machines in industrial plants or design robotic devices used in manufacturing plants, nuclear power plants, the medical field or in the mining industry.

If you have a mind for designing things that work and want to use computers to do that, look into a biomedical engineering, CAD design technician, mechanical engineering, software engineering or engineering management program. These programs will teach you how to use the latest technology to design things from health care products to refrigerators to cars.

Earn a Specialized Information Technology Certificate

Whether you are already in the IT field, or are looking for your chance to get started, a certification program might be what you are looking for. Try an A+ Certification program to become certified in operating systems, computer assembly and more, or a Cisco Certification program or Oracle Professional Certification program to boost your IT career. CompTIA Certification will test your ability to put theory into practice and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer will give you mastery level certification in Windows programs.

What are you waiting for? The information technology field is bursting at the seams with opportunity. Start an information technology program today!

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