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Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems

Careers in computer information systems, also known as CIS, are a delicate melding of technical skills and interpersonal communication skills. CIS managers plan and oversee research and design projects for information systems firms or within the information systems department of a corporation. CIS managers are skilled in technology and communication and thus are compensated handsomely. The Bureau of Labor reports that the median annual salary of CIS managers is $101,580. Daily tasks of an information system’s manager may include consulting with top management to define objectives, assigning programmers and developers tasks, making detailed development plans, researching new technologies, budgeting and scheduling and network maintenance.

Computer information systems courses will explore networking, communications, database management, operating systems, computer programming (including SQL), system administration, and analysis.

Similar areas of study to Computer Information Systems include software engineering, computer programming, computer networking, technical support, computer repair, technology management, information security, sales, marketing, and public relations.

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