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Online Computer Science Degree

Online Computer Science Degree

Any electronics that you interact with are likely backed by some sort of computer software. This software is creating by computer science majors and generally handled the “thinking” part of your device. A smart phone for example is a wide variety of interconnected pieces of software working together and the apps you download each come into being based on the coding done by someone that earned a computer science degree. Everything from your microwave to your cable box contain software and earning an online computer science degree will give you the ability to enter the field more easily and quicker than you ever imagined.

Working in the Computer Science Field

Computer science is a form of engineering. You will work with computer software that allows you to write code that enables a piece of software to perform its functions. From video games to operating systems, you will find a wide variety of careers and programming options out there upon graduation.

Once you enter the working world as a computer science graduate you will most likely start at an entry level position with your employer. Generally you will be the bottom of the totem pole and work more on testing and finding bugs in software than actually creating software. This is how most computer programmers start and it allows them to get comfortable with working as part of a team of programmers. Very few programs are written by a single person these days, instead programs are written in chunks and then combined as a finished product. You’ll eventually move into a position where you are working as part of a team, or leading a team, of programmers that are working on a section of a larger piece of the programming puzzle.

Depending on your level of education, of which you will need a bachelor’s degree in computer science at a minimum, you will find a position in a wide number of companies. Your education, experience and talents will have an impact on your starting salary, but in general you can estimate that you will start out around $50,000 a year. This varies a great deal, so do a little research about your prospective employers to get a more accurate read as you get closer to graduation.

The computer science job sector is rapidly growing and you will find it fairly easy to find a position with a company. The biggest issue for some of these companies is that once a project is done you will have downtime between projects. This isn’t always the case, and sometimes it is welcome, as you get into “crunch time” you will be working long hours to finish a project. Just keep in mind that you can look for freelance work when your particular project is done to bring in extra income as you wait for your next project to start.

Computer Science Degree’s Online

Computer science degrees are uniquely positioned to benefit in a huge way from online degree programs. You will spend most of your time behind a computer, so the fact that your entire education is handled form that same computer should give you plenty of encouragement to get started as soon as possible. You also get to customize your schedule, so outside of due dates for graded work such as projects, you get to choose what time you go to school. This is particularly beneficial if you find yourself fin a position to start working as an intern while still in school. Find the right school that will meet your particular needs and help you reach your goals and you will quickly be on your way to working as a computer scientist in no time at all.

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